Salesforce Commerce Cloud Setup

Learn how to connect your BlueSnap and Salesforce Commerce Cloud accounts

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a highly scalable, B2B and B2C, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce solution. It offers best-in-class features and functionality to provide a highly optimized ecommerce experience. Enhance your Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience by adding BlueSnap to your account to get all the benefits listed below.

Supported Features

3D Secure
Auth/Capture and Separate Auth and Capture
Chargeback Management
Fraud Prevention
Built-in Fraud Prevention and Risk Management
Enhanced fraud using Device Data Collector
Hosted Payment Fields
Level 2/3 Data compliant
Multiple Currencies and Multiple Languages
Partner Sandbox Testing
Payment Analytics and Reporting
Payment Methods: ACH/ECP, Apple Pay, Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay,
LatAm Local, SEPA, and Visa Checkout (and Click to Pay SRC logo)
Payment Optimization
Vaulted Shoppers


The BlueSnap module is supported for the following Commerce Cloud versions:

  • SFRA — StoreFront Reference Architecture
  • JS Controllers

BlueSnap Account

If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

SFCC Software

This guide assumes that you already have SFCC set up on your server. For instructions, refer to SFCC Support.

HTTPS Configuration

BlueSnap requires a secure connection to process payments. You need to ensure that your domain is SSL-certified and SSL is enabled for SFCC. For more information, refer to SFCC Support.

PCI Compliance

Your PCI compliance will depend on your implementation (Hosted Payment Fields or Clear Card Text).

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Setup

Step 1: Configure your BlueSnap account settings

To configure your BlueSnap account settings, complete these steps in your BlueSnap Production and/or Sandbox accounts.

  1. Set up your BlueSnap API Credentials and define the IP address of your server. Make note of your API user key and password; you need them to configure your SFCC account.

    Note: If you are unable to provide static IPs for your servers, contact BlueSnap Merchant Support so we can disable IP checking on your account.

  2. Configure your payout settings.

Step 2: Download the app

Download the app from Salesforce and continue with the installation.

Step 3: Import and install the cartridge

  1. Open UX Studio.

  2. To import the downloaded cartridge, on the Import screen, select the downloaded project and click Next.

  3. Link the cartridge to your environment (sandbox or production).

    • In the Select root directory field, select the root of the environment.
    • In the Projects section, select the following:
      • bm_bluesnap
      • int_bluesnap
    • For SFRA: int_bluesnap_sfra
    • For JS Controllers: int_bluesnap_controllers
    • Click Finish.
  4. Select the connection for the environment (sandbox or production) and then click Properties.

  5. Select Project Reference and check in.

  6. At the confirmation window, click Yes.

Step 4: Set Up Business Manager

  1. In Business Manager, select Site > Manage Sites.

  2. Select the correct site:

    • For SFRA: bluesnapSFRA
    • For JS Controllers: bluesnap
  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. In the cartridge path, add the cartridges:
    AND one of the following:
    For SFRA: int_bluesnap_sfra
    * For JS Controllers: int_bluesnap_controllers

  5. In Administration, select Site Development > Site Import & Export.

  6. Located and select and click Import.

  7. Configure the service credentials.

    • In Administration, select Operations > Services.
    • Click the Credentials tab.
    • Click the bluesnap link.
    • Enter the BlueSnap credentials.
    • In the User field, enter the API Key.
    • In the Password field, enter the API password.
  8. Add the bm_bluesnap cartridge to the Business Manager cartridge path.

    • In Business Manager, select Site > Manage Sites.
    • Under Business Manager Site, click the Business Manager link.
    • Click the Settings tab.
    • In the Cartridges field, add bm_bluesnap.
  9. Add permission for the merchant to use the BlueSnap Business Manager extension.

    • In Administration, select Organization > Roles > {Merchant Role} - Business Manager Modules.
    • Click the Business Manager Modules tab.
    • Click the Select Context link.
    • In the Select Context screen, select bluesnap.
    • Click Apply.
    • For the BlueSnap Settings module (including BlueSnap Settings and BlueSnap Report), enable Write permission.
  10. Reload the page. The BlueSnap section should be available in the Merchant Tools section.

Step 5: Configure the cartridge

  1. In Business Manager, select Sites > Your Site > Merchant tools > BlueSnap Settings.

  2. Select the following as necessary for your configuration and click Save changes.

Enable BlueSnapSelect this option.
Enable ACH PaymentFor more information, refer to: ACH/ECP Processing.
Credit/Debit Cards Payment processingSelect AUTH_CAPTURE or AUTH_ONLY. For more information, refer to: Auth Capture or Auth Only
BlueSnap instance typeSelect sandbox or production. For more information, refer to: Partner Sandbox Testing.
Enable IPNsIf selected, complete the procedure Set Up IPNs. For more information, refer to: IPNs.
Enable SEPA PaymentFor more information, refer to: SEPA Direct Debit.
Enable BlueSnap Google PayFor more information, refer to: Google Pay.
Enable 3D Secure PaymentsFor more information, refer to: 3D Secure.
Enable BlueSnap ReportingFor more information, refer to: Reporting.
Enable Hosted PaymentFor more information, refer to: Hosted Payment Fields.
Enable Visa CheckoutFor more information, refer to: Visa Checkout.
Enable BlueSnap Apple PayFor more information, refer to: Apple Pay.
Level 2/3 DataFor more information, refer to: Level 2/3 Data compliant.
Enable LATAM PaymentsFor more information, refer to: LatAm Local Processing.
Enable fraud device data checkFor more information, refer to: Device Data Checks.
Enable Enterprise level fraud prevention serviceFor more information, refer to: Complete-level (formerly Enterprise) Fraud Prevention.
BlueSnap Site IDs for Enterprise level fraud prevention serviceIf you want to pass an ID to classify orders for rule creation or for order review, enter the Site ID. Site IDs are available only to merchants on the Kount Complete solution (formerly Enterprise). For more information, refer to: Site IDs.
User-defined fields for Enterprise fraud serviceIf you want to pass any fields to help analyze an order (such as coupon code, affiliate ID), click Add UDF and add the UDF(s). UDFs are available only to merchants on the Kount Complete solution (formerly Enterprise). For more information, refer to: User-Defined Fields.
Soft DescriptorFor more information, refer to: Statement Descriptor.

Optional Configuration Steps

Modify the payment method name (Optional)

  1. In Business Manager, select Sites > Your Site > Merchant tools > Ordering > Payment Methods.

  2. Find the payment method for which you want to change the name and click the current name in the Name column.

  3. Change the name and click Apply.

Set the soft descriptor for customer (Optional)

  1. In Business Manager, select Sites > Your Site > Merchant tools > Customers.

  2. Select a user.

  3. In the BlueSnap section, in the Soft descriptor field, enter the soft descriptor you want to use.

  4. Click Apply.

Set up IPNs (Optional)

Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs), also known as webhooks, are HTTP POST messages that are sent to your backend when an important event occurs, such as the completion of a sale. An overview of IPN functionality can be found here. If you would like to leverage the IPN functionality, you will need to code the IPN receiver on your backend and follow the steps below to set up IPNs.

  1. Log in to your BlueSnap account and go to Settings > IPN Settings.

  2. Select the Receive Instant Payment Notifications check box.

  3. Update the IPN URL(s) field with the URL where you want to have your IPNs sent.

  4. To enable specific IPNs, click Select IPNs. In the section that opens, toggle the button next to the IPN to select it.

  5. Click Submit.

**Your integration is now complete.**
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Reporting (Optional)

If you choose to, you can use BlueSnap reports.

  1. In Business Manager, select Sites > Your Site > Merchant tools > BlueSnap Settings > BlueSnap Report.

  2. Choose the report type.

  3. Complete the form.

  4. Click Submit.

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