Test plan for 3D Secure

As a merchant, you want to test your BlueSnap integration to ensure that your customers have a flawless experience.

Before you begin

  • Compile a list of test cards with their details. Be sure to include cards that should result in success as well as cards that should fail. If you need to, you can use these.

Test Scenarios

For credit and debit cards, go through the following scenarios.

Scenario    Test
  1 Test a positive workflow by entering all valid customer data.
  2 Test with a card that is not registered for 3DSecure.
  3 Test with valid card number, a valid expiry date, but an invalid CVV number.
  4 Test with valid card number, a valid CVV number, but an invalid expiry date.
  5 Test with an invalid card number, a valid expiry date, and a valid CVV number
  6 Repeat test scenarios 2–4 with each card type that you accept (for example, Mastercard, Visa, American Express).
  7 Repeat test scenarios 2–5 with as many currencies as you can.
   8 Perform a successful transaction and verify that you (as the shopper) receive notification of a successful transaction.
   9 Perform a successful transaction and verify that you (as the merchant) receive notification of a successful transaction.
   10 Process a refund.
   11 Process a partial refund.

Testing main page

Test 3D Secure 2

You can test 3D Secure 2 using our test page. This button opens a new tab with a checkout page to test 3‑D Secure 2. Use any of the cards numbers below to test various 3‑D Secure 2 results.


3DS 2 Test Card numbers

The following cards are only valid on a system with 3DS 2 enabled. The test system (accessed through the button above) does have 3DS 2 enabled. If you want to use these cards on your system, you need to have 3DS 2 enabled on your system. Contact Merchant Support to have that enabled.

Card InformationAuthentication Result
Visa: 4000000000001091
Mastercard: 5200000000001096
American Express: 340000000001098
Discover: 6011000000001093
Successful with challenge
Visa: 4000000000001000
Mastercard: 5200000000001005
American Express: 340000000001007
Discover: 6011000000001002
Successful without challenge
Visa: 4000000000001109
Mastercard: 5200000000001104
American Express: 340000000001106
Discover: 6011000000001101
Failed with challenge
Visa: 4000000000001018
Mastercard: 5200000000001013
American Express: 340000000001015
Discover: 6011000000001010
Failed without challenge
Visa: 4000000000001059
Mastercard: 5200000000001054
American Express: 340000000001056
Discover: 5200000000001054


Card Data

  • Expiration Date
    • The expiration month is always January.
    • The expiration year is the current year plus 2 years.
      For example: In 2019, the Expiration Date value is 01/2022.

  • Security Code (CVV): any 3‑digit code

  • Challenge: If challenged
    • The user name (test1) is prefilled.
    • The password is 1234

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