Stopped Fraud Report

Report description

Returns transactions that were not sent out for authorization because BlueSnap identified them as fraudulent. Transactions could be declined according to your fraud settings or due to BlueSnap's proprietary fraud detection logic. Use this to report to analyze the impacts of any changes to your fraud rules, as well as determine how to modify thresholds in the future. Data is delayed by approximately 3 hours.

Report columns


  • The report columns listed below that are indicated by an asterisk (*) can filter shopper information when compiling the report.
Column Name Description
Amount (Local) The total order value provided in the authorization currency.

Amount (USD) The total order value provided in USD.

Auth Currency 3-digit code of the currency charged to the shopper.

Company Name The shopper's company name.

Credit Card Type The network associated with the shopper's payment card. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa etc.

Decline Detail The specific rule or threshold that was triggered (see below for an example). If Decline Reason is BlueSnap Fraud Rules, the value will be empty.

Decline Reason* 3D Secure, AVS/CVV Rules, Configurable Fraud Thresholds, BlueSnap Fraud Rules, or Velocity.

Fraud Reference ID A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each fraud decline.

Last 4 Digits The last 4 digits of the shopper's payment card.

Shopper Country The shopper's country.

Shopper Email The shopper's email address.

Shopper First Name The shopper's first name.

Shopper ID A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each shopper.

Shopper Last Name The shopper's last name.

Status Value will be Decline.

Transaction Date The date the transaction was submitted to BlueSnap.

Transaction Type* Sale, Refund, or Chargeback.

Decline Detail value example

The value below is for a decline due to the email velocity decline threshold, which was set to allow one order per email (within a timeframe). Since a shopper attempted the second purchase using the same email within the timeframe, the order was declined.


Stopped Fraud Report

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