Fraud Transaction Alert Services

What are Fraud Transaction Alert Services?

Fraud transaction alert services provide notice of a transaction that the card issuer intends to process as a chargeback due to suspected fraud and/or a cardholder-initiated dispute. There is no guesswork because these alerts are cardholder-confirmed fraud. When the associated transaction is refunded, the issuer is notified that the charge associated to the suspected fraud transaction has been resolved; this mitigates the chargeback.

BlueSnap receives these alerts direct from two leaders in the chargeback prevention industry, Ethoca and Verifi, as well as through the Visa (TC40) and MasterCard (SAFE) alerts.

BlueSnap automatically enrolls merchants who have an increased chargeback risk in these programs. Armed with these alerts, BlueSnap is able to help our merchants reduce damaging chargeback rates that can be costly and result in penalties. As a merchant auto-enrolled in these services due to a excessive chargeback risk, BlueSnap manages these alerts on your behalf to ensure that the fraud alerts are expedited to mitigate further chargeback risk.

However, all merchants are encouraged to enroll in these services as a preventative measure against fraud and chargebacks.

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If you are a merchant with a recurring billing or subscription model and are using our merchant-managed on-demand subscription feature and if you are enrolled in the Fraud Transaction Alert Service, you must find these refunds and cancel the associated subscription.

How do we inform you?

Refund Report

All transactions refunded on your behalf due to fraud alerts are included in your Refund Report. Any refund with these descriptions has been refunded due to a fraud alert:

  • TC40/SAFE Alert
  • Ethoca Alert
  • Verifi Alert
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Fraud analysis request

Accessing the Refund Report

The Refund Report is a sub-set of the Transaction Details Report.
To access the report and see refunds due to a fraud alert, follow these steps.

  1. In the BlueSnap Portal, click Reports near the top of the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Transactions and then choose Transaction Details.
  3. In the Time Periods field, select the time frame for the report.
  4. In the Transaction Details report setup page, click Transaction Type and select Refund.
  1. Click Go to view the report. Then, you can click Download button to download the information in Excel format.


IPNs provide up-to-date information on all transaction events in real time. The following IPNs can help with chargeback and fraud:

  • CHARGEBACK: Sent when a shopper challenges a transaction with their issuing bank, who then initiates the chargeback process. This IPN/webhook provides you the opportunity to address the issue.
  • CHARGEBACK_STATUS_CHANGED: Sent when an event is received from Chargebacks911 that does not open a new chargeback.
  • FRAUD_DECLINE: Sent when a transaction is declined due to fraud.

For more information on IPNs, refer to the IPN (Webhook) Overview.

For Visa merchants

BlueSnap supports Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI), which helps Visa Merchants respond to cardholder inquiries around unrecognized transactions (and other dispute categories) prior to a chargeback or dispute. BlueSnap automatically refunds all VMPI inquiries. This feature is only available to Visa merchants on one of our Chargebacks911 plans.

More Information

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Fraud Transaction Alert Services

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