ACH (Automated Clearing House), sometimes referred to as electronic check processing, e-Check, or ECP, is an alternative to credit card payments. It is an online payment method where money is electronically withdrawn from the shopper’s bank account and then deposited into the merchant’s own bank account.

ACH/ECP transactions are monitored by our built-in fraud prevention capabilities, just like credit card transactions. This payment method is supported for US transactions.


Coming Soon

Account Validation — Shoppers who choose to pay with an ACH account, will be validated to verify that the account exists before we send the transaction to the bank for processing.


  • Boost your sales by reaching additional shoppers who do not use credit cards or other payment methods.
  • Eliminate the need for paper checks and instead enable customers to provide their payment info online.
  • Store shopper account information for easier repeat purchases.
  • Enjoy transaction costs that are typically lower than credit card transactions.
  • Reduce issues with failed payments due to failed or invalid cards, since checking accounts do not have an expiration date, and your shoppers rarely switch banks.
  • Solution for B2B transactions and other payments for high-cost items where a credit card limit could be exceeded.

ACH Transaction Processing

These are the main steps involved in processing ACH transactions:

  1. On the checkout page, the shopper selects ACH as the payment method and enters their banking information.
  2. When the shopper submits the transaction, an invoice will be created and have an initial status of pending.
  3. The transaction will be approved or rejected by the shopper's bank within approximately 3 business days.
  4. The invoice status will update to reflect the bank's response.



We recommend delivering the product only after the approval has been received.

The shopper has 60 days to dispute the debit on their account. If this occurs, BlueSnap removes the funds from your account, and the invoice status is updated to refunded.


Resolving payment rejections

Payments can be rejected for many reasons, including insufficient funds, invalid bank account number, or a closed bank account. To resolve a payment rejection, you can ask the shopper to provide the correct details for their bank account or provide an alternative payment method and resubmit the charge.

Hosted Checkout and API Integrations

ACH/ECP transactions are supported in all of BlueSnap's integrations.

To process ACH transactions, make sure that you enable this payment method as described in Enabling Payment Methods.

If you are using the Hosted Payment Page, the ACH payment option automatically appears to shoppers in the US once it has been enabled.

If you are using BlueSnap's API, please see the API Guide for ACH.


BlueSnap supports subscriptions with ACH. Please note that subscriptions with ACH do not support the following:

  • Plans with a billing frequency of daily or weekly
  • Trial periods
  • Automated retries in BlueSnap's Subscription engine


Refunds can be processed only after the shopper's account has been debited and the invoice status has changed to approved. Please note that if you request a refund while the invoice is pending (before the shopper's account has been debited), you will receive an error message informing you the transaction has not yet settled.

If a refund is requested after the shopper's account has been debited, BlueSnap will remove the funds from your account and the invoice status will update to refunded.

Sandbox testing

You may use the following bank credentials to test various scenarios.

Simulate format validation error
Account number: Any number that is not 4 - 17 digits
Routing number: Any number that is not 9 digits

Simulate declined transaction*
Account number: 123456789
Routing number: 123456789

Simulate approved transaction*
Account number: Any 4 - 17 digit number (except 123456789)
Routing number: Any 9 digit number (except 123456789)

*After the initial transaction request, you will see the status change within 15 minutes.

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