Test plan for Cards

As a merchant, you want to test your BlueSnap integration to ensure that your customers have a flawless experience.

Before you begin

  • Compile a list of test cards with their details. Be sure to include cards that should result in success as well as cards that should fail. If you need to, you can use these.

Test Scenarios

For credit and debit cards, go through the following scenarios.

Scenario    Test
  1 Verify that all mandatory fields are required and that the transaction does not proceed if any data for a required field is missing or invalid, such as a missing card digit.
  2 If you're using the Payment API, test with a valid card and verify the value of the cvvResponseCode property from the response. You may use any of the applicable Visa test cards in this table (see the Results column).
  3 Test with valid card number, a valid expiration date, but an invalid CVV number.
  4 Test with valid card number, a valid CVV number, but an invalid expiration date.
  5 Test with an invalid card number, a valid expiration date, and a valid CVV number.
  6 Repeat test scenarios 3–5 with each card type that you accept (for example, Mastercard, Visa, American Express).
  7 Repeat test scenarios 3–6 with multiple currencies to support your global shoppers.
  8 Perform a successful transaction and verify that the shopper receives notification of a successful transaction and the merchant receives the CHARGE IPN.
  9 Process a refund for the full amount of the original transaction.
  10 Process a refund for a portion of the amount of the original transaction.

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