Sync Customers and Payments

Sync shoppers and payments from BlueSnap to AR Automation

Sync Payments with BlueSnap

If this option is enabled, payments processed through BlueSnap will also be synced to AR Automation. When a payment is created in BlueSnap, it is imported and synced to AR Automation automatically using the supply invoice number from the merchant transaction ID. If there is a corresponding invoice number, it is applied to the correct invoice. If not, the payment syncs as an unapplied payment.

Sync BlueSnap Shoppers as Customers

With this feature, customers in AR Automation are linked with shoppers in BlueSnap, allowing you to view the associated payment method. If a shopper is created in BlueSnap, but not linked with a customer in AR Automation, then a customer will be created automatically in AR Automation as well as your accounting system. This happens behind the scenes using the account number from the merchant transaction ID.

Sync Payment Methods from BlueSnap

This features offers the ability to sync payment methods from BlueSnap to AR Automation. If the customer is not already linked to a shopper payment method in BlueSnap, a new customer will not be created. This syncing process relies on the account number from the merchant transaction ID.