Test plan for Hosted Payment Fields

As a merchant, you want to test your BlueSnap integration to ensure that your customers have a flawless experience.

Before you begin

  • You must have implemented the Payment API.

Test Scenarios

For credit and debit cards, go through the following scenarios.

Scenario    Test
  1 Verify that all the configured fields are displayed properly.
  2 Perform a successful transaction and verify that the shopper receives notification of a successful transaction and the merchant receives the CHARGE IPN.
  3 Test with valid card number, a valid expiration date, but an invalid CVV number.
  4 Repeat test scenarios 2–3 with each card type that you accept (for example, Mastercard, Visa, American Express).
  5 Repeat test scenarios 2–4 with multiple currencies to support your global shoppers.

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Test plan for Hosted Payment Fields

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