Card Authorizations Report

Returns a summary of transaction-level details for all card authorization attempts for both authorized and unauthorized transactions. This report includes all transactions that are authorized but not captured, and the reason that the transaction is not captured.

You can use this report to reconcile all future fees on authorizations and manage all authorizations that are pending a successful capture.



  • The report columns listed below with an asterisk (*) can be used to filter the results when you run the report.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.
Column NameDescription
3DS AuthIf the transaction was successfully authenticated using 3D Secure, the value is Yes. Otherwise, the value is No.
Amount (Local)Total order value in the authorization currency.
Amount (USD)Total order value in US dollars.
Auth CurrencyThree-digit code of the currency charged to the shopper.
Authorized onDate the transaction was authorized.
Authorization Failure ReasonReason that authorization for the transaction failed.
Authorization Invoice IDUnique identifier that BlueSnap assigns to each authorization transaction.
Authorization Log IDUnique identifier that BlueSnap logged when the authorization was attempted.
Authorization StatusStatus of the transaction authorization.
Authorization Time (PST)Time that the transaction was authorized in Pacific Standard Time.
BIN Business CategoryBank Identification Number that indicates whether the card was a consumer card or a corporate card.
BIN Card CategoryCredit or Debit.
BIN CountryCountry where the payment card was issued.
Capture Attempt*Filter report by the status of the capture attempt. Available options:

- Attempt Failed
- Not Attempted
- Successful Attempt
Captured*Filter the report by whether or not the authorized transaction is captured. Select Y (Yes) or N (No).
Capture Failure DateDate that the attempt to capture failed.
Capture Failure ReasonReason that the capture attempt failed.
Capture Failure TimeTime that the attempt to capture failed.
Company NameShopper's company name.
Contract IDUnique value assigned to each contract created in the BlueSnap product catalog.
Contract NameContract purchased by the shopper. Applicable for merchants using the BlueSnap contract catalog.
Credit Card TypeThe network associated with the shopper's payment card. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, etc.
FailoverIf the transaction was initially declined and then was ultimately successful as a result of BlueSnap's failover functionality, then the value is Yes. Otherwise, the value is No.
Merchant Transaction IDUnique value sent by the merchant with a transaction request.
Meta-<Metadata key>Displays new report columns when metadata keys are used. For example, if the metadata keys are Name, City, and Country, each of those keys will display as a column. The values in each row are taken from the metadata values sent with each transaction, which correspond to the relevant key, such as Name=Dan.
OnDemand Charge DescriptionDescription of the merchant-managed subscription charge. This value is passed to BlueSnap in the Create Merchant Managed Subscription Charge request.
Original Invoice IDApplies to recurring charges, refunds, and chargebacks. For recurring charges, the value provided is the invoice ID for the first charge of the subscription. For refunds and chargebacks, the value is the Invoice ID for the sale being refunded or disputed.
Payment TypeCredit Card, PayPal, ACH, etc.
Product IDUnique value assigned to each product created in the BlueSnap product catalog.
Product NameProduct purchased by the shopper. Applicable for merchants using the BlueSnap product catalog.
Region*Geographical region where the authorization attempt originated.
Regulated IssuerSpecifies if the BIN is regulated. Select Y (Yes) or N (No).
Shopper EmailShopper's email address.
Shopper First NameShopper's first name.
Shopper Last NameShopper's last name.
SKU TypeOne-Time or Recurring.
Soft DescriptorOrder description as it appears on the customer's account statement.
Subscription IDUnique number assigned to the subscription.
Transaction AmountValue of the transaction in the transaction currency.
Transaction CurrencyThree-digit currency code for the currency that the transaction was processed in.
Transaction TypeType of transaction attempted for authorization.
Vendor IDApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each marketplace vendor or affiliate. A value in this column means one vendor or affiliate is associated with the transaction. If this is empty and Vendor Name states MULTIPLE VENDORS, then the transaction includes 2 or more vendors.
Vendor NameApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. The name of the vendor or affiliate associated with a specific transaction.
Wallet TypeType of digital wallet used in the transaction.


You can filter the report by the following values:

  • Period
  • From date
  • To date
  • Region (merchants on regional payout only)
  • Captured
  • Capture Attempt