Fraud Prevention Service Levels

Learn about the tools BlueSnap offers with Kount to help detect and prevent fraudulent orders.

Failing to stop fraudulent transactions can lead to higher chargebacks and chargeback-related expenses, in addition to lost merchandise. BlueSnap has partnered with Kount to analyze customer data and purchase behavior on every transaction to identify and stop fraudulent orders, and to reduce false positive rates.

BlueSnap offers three levels of enhanced fraud prevention services. Refer to the Service Level Comparison table for details about the capabilities and customization opportunities available for each service level.


BlueSnap’s Portfolio fraud prevention service is enabled on your account by default. We use the most sophisticated fraud detection technology available to analyze every transaction for fraud indicators. Based on the results, we will either accept or reject each transaction.

As part of the Portfolio service level, all merchants can use the Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) fraud tools at no additional cost. These rules apply to credit card and debit card transactions only, and do not apply to recurring payments. See AVS and CVV setup.

The Portfolio fraud prevention service will be suitable for most merchants. But we know one size doesn’t always fit all. Depending on your business model and sales volume, you may want to consider BlueSnap’s Custom or Complete fraud prevention services. These two services allow to you to customize more of your fraud prevention strategy.


BlueSnap’s Custom fraud prevention service is ideal for merchants that want to customize thresholds for key fraud variables, allowing them to configure their fraud prevention strategy to match their business needs. This service is available to all merchants for a monthly fee. For setup information, see Custom service setup & reporting.


The Complete fraud prevention service is ideal for merchants that want to fully customize their fraud prevention strategy, everything from fully automated order acceptance processes to creating and maintaining fraud rules, and from manually reviewing transactions to enabling third party data services to help validate and approve transactions. Merchants signed up for this service will manage their entire fraud strategy directly on Kount’s fraud management platform through the Agent Web Console. Since BlueSnap has already integrated to Kount directly, there are no additional IT requirements. Merchants can be up and running quickly.

If you are interested in the Complete fraud prevention service, please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

Fraud rules run based on data you pass to BlueSnap

Fraud analysis is based only on the fields that BlueSnap receives. If you define a fraud rule based on a field that you don't pass to BlueSnap, then that fraud rule is ignored. For example, if you set a fraud rule that uses the billing address but you do not include the billing address on the checkout form, then this fraud rule is not applied.

There are some fields that may be optional for order processing, depending on your BlueSnap integration type. These include Shopper Email, Shipping Address, Billing Address, CVV, and device data. If you configure fraud rules using any of these optional fields, you should verify that you include these fields in the checkout form so that the data is passed to BlueSnap and your fraud rules will work.

Stay informed with Stopped Fraud Report

BlueSnap’s Stopped Fraud report provides insights (such as shopper details and decline info) into the transactions that were declined due to your fraud rules. Use this report to analyze how your fraud rules impact decline rates, as well as determine how you might modify your fraud prevention strategy moving forward.

Service Level Comparison table

Capability Portfolio Custom Complete
Shopper device analysis Yes Yes Yes
Device Fingerprinting Yes Yes Yes
Order Linking Yes Yes Yes
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
Customizable AVS and
CVV rules
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Blacklists   Yes Yes
Customizable velocity checks   Yes Yes
Additional customizable fraud rules   Yes Yes
Unlimited fraud rule creation and customization     Yes
Manually review suspicious transactions     Yes
Fraud Analyst Checklists     Yes
BI tool for fraud reporting     Yes
Dynamic Re-scoring
(every 30 minutes for 2 weeks)
Build Custom Scorecards     Yes
3rd-Party Connectivity (Orchestration Hub)     Yes
Rules Modeling/Testing     Yes
Workflow Queue Management     Yes
Link Analysis     Yes
System Monitoring/Auditing     Yes
Shared Data     Yes
Client Custom Data (UDF)     Yes
Requirements Minimal coding with APIs.
None for Hosted Checkout Pages.
Minimal/no code changes. Requires on‑going maintenance of fraud rules.
Available to All merchants Merchants with highly customized fraud prevention needs


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Fraud Prevention Service Levels

Learn about the tools BlueSnap offers with Kount to help detect and prevent fraudulent orders.

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