Finding an Order

Learn how to quickly locate and retrieve details about an order

You can find an order and view information about it right in the Merchant Portal, or retrieve the order using BlueSnap's APIs.

Finding an order in the Merchant Portal

In the Merchant Portal, go to Transactions > Find a Transaction.


Here, you can search for an approved or declined order based on the following:

  • Locator Type
    • Order ID
    • Shopper Email
    • Shopper Information
  • The ID Type options for Order ID are:
  • Account ID / Shopper ID (Approvals and Declines)
  • PayPal Subscription ID (Approvals only)
  • PayPal Transaction ID (Approvals only)
  • Reference Number (Approvals only)
  • Skrill (Moneybookers) Transaction ID (Approvals only)
  • Subscription ID (Approvals and Declines)
  • Seller Order ID / Merchant Transaction ID (Approvals only)



For Seller Order ID / Merchant Transaction ID only, you can use an asterisk (*) for a wildcard search. You must enter a minimum of 5 characters before the * and the system returns all results matching the first 5 characters. For example, if you search for 33194*, the system returns 331941234, 331945678, 3319490123, and so on.

After you enter the relevant information, click Locate.

The system returns the matching order record, including details such as the product and quantity ordered, price, shopper information, merchant information, metadata, options to resend the receipt or Instant Payment Notification, and more. You can retrieve records from the last 3 years.

Retrieving an order in the BlueSnap APIs

If you are using either of BlueSnap's APIs, you can retrieve order information by sending a request containing either the transaction ID or the merchant ID and merchant transaction ID. If the transaction is found, the response will include the transaction information.

For complete details, refer to: