Payment Facilitator Settings

If BlueSnap has set up your account using the Payment Facilitator (PayFac) model, you must configure your checkout page to correctly display the required language and policies.

If you are using Hosted Checkout/Payment Pages

To correctly configure PayFac settings on your Hosted Checkout/Payment Pages, go to Account Settings > General Settings > Branding in the Merchant Portal.

Define the links for the Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy. These should be links to the pages on your own website where you publish this information.

You should also enter either the Tax ID or VAT ID.


BlueSnap will display the PayFac disclaimer and the links on the footer of your Hosted Checkout/Payment Pages, as follows:


If you are using an API integration

When you use one of the BlueSnap APIs and build your own checkout pages, you must ensure that your checkout pages clearly indicate your merchant name, contact information, and the links to your Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy.