Company Profile

Your company profile is where you provide the information that is displayed to your customers.

Edit your company profile

  1. In the Settings screen, click Company Profile.

  2. In the Company Profile screen, click Edit in the top-right of the screen.

  3. Set the Live Mode slider to off.

  4. Enter the company profile information.

  5. Click Save in the top-right of the screen.

  6. Set the Live Mode slider to on.

Company profile information


Company name


This is how you refer to your plan.
Customer Portal SubdomainYThe address for your customer portal.
Accounting EmailYThe address customers use to send accounting emails.
WebsiteNThe website for your business.
IndustryNYour business industry.
Time ZoneNThe business timezone.
CurrencyNYour default currency.
Date FormatNThe default date format for your billing.
LogoNYour company logo, used in your customer portal and on documents.
Address Line
Postal Code

YYour company address.

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