Prorating Subscription Change Charges

If you offer multiple subscription plans (such as a Silver plan and a Gold plan), you can define how to charge shoppers who switch from one subscription to another. We support two options:

  • Charge on switch: When switching to this contract, the shopper is charged immediately. A calculation of carryover credit will apply and the next payment date is set immediately according to the new subscription plan.
  • Charge at the next payment period: The current cycle of the subscription will not be affected and the shopper will be charged for the contract switched to at the end of the billing cycle.

When shoppers switch contracts, no trial period or initial fee is applied to the new contract.

This option is defined within the Advanced Recurring Settings section for a subscription contract.


Example with charge on switch enabled

The original purchased contract is a standard monthly subscription for $20 and the shopper switched to a weekly subscription costing $10 after two weeks into the subscription cycle.

BlueSnap calculates that the subscription has been used 50% of the cycle period and therefore there is a $10 remaining in the “balance” to be carried over to the next charge. The shopper will be charged $0.00 upon switch.