Using the Virtual Terminal

with Hosted Payment Pages

Once the Virtual Terminal has been configured, use it to process payments as follows:

  1. Go to Transactions > Virtual Terminal in the left menu.



Depending on your system configuration, your Virtual Terminal screen may have more or fewer fields than those shown below. The screen shown below is only an example.

  1. Choose whichever options are applicable.

    • Set a charge amount โ€” Enter the relevant information, such as product, price, and quantity. Refer here for more information.
    • Allow the charge amount to be entered by the customer โ€” Refer here
    • Collect credit card information for future charges โ€” This allows you to create a link that only presents credit card fields and no shopping cart. This allows the shopper to enters their credit card information to be vaulted for future purchases.
  2. (Optional) If you want to select a Returning Shopper, enter their ID in the Returning Shopper ID field. If you need to look up the ID, use Locate Shopper ID, which opens a window where you can enter the shopper's name or email address to find them.

  3. Do one of the following:

  • Click BuyNow to complete the order on behalf of the shopper. The checkout page appears on the same screen. Enter the shopperโ€™s order and payment information on the checkout page.
  • Click Link to use the Payment Link feature to generate a URL link to a checkout page. Send this URL to the shopper so they can enter their own payment information in the checkout page.

To add or remove fields to the Virtual Terminal screen:

  • If you would like to add or remove fields to the Virtual Terminal screen, go to Settings > Virtual Terminal Settings. You can select which fields to show or hide, such as Merchant Transaction ID or Coupon Code.
  • For more information on Custom Fields, refer to Custom Fields.


Payment Methods

  • When sending a link to the shopper, all payment methods you have enabled are available.
  • When completing an order on behalf of customer, typically you will accept cards or ECP, because other payment methods (such as PayPal) require the shopper's login credentials for the site.

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