AR Automation Subscriptions

Manage your subscription billing and recurring payments

With AR Automation, you can manage your subscription billing and recurring payments, including flat rate and usage-based items.

Create a new subscription

  1. In the left navigation panel, select Customers > Subscriptions.

  2. In the Subscriptions screen, click New Subscription in the top-right of the screen.

  3. Enter the subscription settings.

  4. Click Save in the top-right of the screen.

Subscription settings



The customer you are creating the subscription for.
PlanThe subscription plan for this subscription. For more information, refer to subscription plans.
Consolidate withThis combines individual subscriptions onto one invoice.
DescriptionUsed for reference in labeling the subscription.
IntervalHow often invoices are created.
Billing Start DateWhen the first invoice is created.
Days of TrialHow long after the subscription has started before an invoice is created.
Service Period
Duration(Default = forever). How long the subscription should be active.
CouponApplies a discount to the invoice. For more information, refer to coupons.
AutopayIf this option is enabled and there is a card on file, the card is automatically charged for the payment.
Tax Rate


  1. When an invoice is created, it has a due date. The due date is referred to as the term. The number after the word term means how many days the invoice is due from today. Due on receipt means the payment is due when the invoice is created.

  2. All line items on a subscription can be modified regardless of the plan selected. The plan is just the template and can be edited for the subscription.

  3. Marking an item as One Time means it only shows up on the next invoice and is removed from future invoices.

  4. Marking an item as Taxable means that the tax rate is applied to the line item.

  5. If you click More on a line item, you can customize the start and end date of each line item. This is completely separate from the subscription as a whole.

  6. Subscriptions are automatically calculated in terms of recurring revenue. All of this information is placed in the reports section. The system breaks down all subscription revenue to its recurring monthly component, keeping track of all subscription revenue.

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