Customer Management for Partners FAQs

I have a platform and I want to add customers merchants who can process transactions with BlueSnap, can you help?

You want to focus on growing your business by getting customers onboarded and BlueSnap can help. We have created an API called “Create Merchant” that allows you to pass your customer's KYC information to BlueSnap. Once we receive this information we run it through our automated onboarding service to help you get a decision and get your customers up and processing quickly. For more information, refer to Customer Management for Partners.

How does your Partner API work?

You, as the partner, need to create a landing page on your site where your customers can sign up. We have a list of details we need from your customer so we can do our part. Once you have your the necessary information, use our Create Merchant API. This API lets you send your data to BlueSnap so we can automatically underwrite and onboard them for processing. After your customer has been approved, you add their merchant details to your platform so you can send their transactions to BlueSnap for processing.

How long does it take before my customers can start processing transactions?

Once we have the necessary information, you’ll be able to start processing transactions in minutes.

How does this solution differ from a Marketplace?

While this partner solution and our Marketplace are similar, there are a couple of key differences. With this solution, you as the partner, are adding customers to process transactions through your platform. Each customer you add gets their own merchant account and is the merchant of record for all their transactions. In the marketplace, you are adding vendors who are not the merchant of record to the shopper.

For more information on Marketplace, refer to our Marketplace documents.

Is there a fee to use this solution?

As the partner who is running the platform and collecting your customer's KYC information, BlueSnap does not charge you a fee. Your customer's merchant account will have standard BlueSnap pricing for their transaction processing.

Does it matter which BlueSnap solution I use with my platform?

No, you can use our Payment API or our Hosted Solution for payment processing. It’s up to you. You do need to use the “Create Merchant” API to automatically board customers to BlueSnap, regardless of which integration option you select.

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