Running Balance Report

This report returns a detailed list of all events and any related changes on your balance with BlueSnap. It also allows you to see a snapshot of your balance in real-time, at any chosen point in time or within a chosen date range. Note that the report date range cannot exceed 3 months in total.

Report Columns



  • The report columns listed below with an asterisk (*) can be used to filter the results when you run the report.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.
Column NamesDescription
Adjustment DescriptionDescribes the type of adjustment. Example: “Payout fee - wire”
Bluesnap Processing FeesThe fees charged by BlueSnap for processing this transaction.
BlueSnap Reserve BalanceFunds on hold by BlueSnap for Reserve.
EventThe event name. This includes any event with funds going in or out of the balance. Examples: Charge, CHB, Refund, Adjustment
Event DateThe event date. This includes any event with funds going in or out of the balance.
Event Time (PST)The event time. This includes any event with funds going in or out of the balance.
Event TypeThe factors included in the event. Example: Sale + 1 vendor sale deduction, Sale + 2 vendor sale deductions
Gross Payout AmountThe transaction amount converted to the Payout Currency.
Invoice IDA unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each captured sale, refund, or chargeback.
Is Balance FundingIndicates if the transaction added funds to an account balance.
Original Invoice IDApplies to refunds and chargebacks. For refunds and chargebacks, the value is the Invoice ID for the sale being refunded or disputed.
Paid Directly by 3rd PartyAny amounts that will be paid to you by a 3rd party for the transaction (e.g. PayPal).
PayPal Processing FeesThe fees charged by PayPal for processing this transaction (if the Payment Type is PayPal).
QuantityThe number of specific subevents included in the event (see Event Type)
Refund Reserve BalanceFunds on hold by the merchant to account for refunds.
Running BalanceThe total balance after computing the effect of a particular event.
SortSort by date/time
Total DisbursementThe currency of the funds deposited in your account by BlueSnap. Gross Payout Amount - Amount Paid to Vendor/Affiliate - Paid Directly by Third Party - BlueSnap Processing Fees.
VAT on Processing FeesTotal amount of VAT on processing fees.

Parameter Names

  • From date
  • Payout Currency
  • Period
  • To date