Page Design and Custom Fields

Configuring Payment Page Display

If you want to choose your payment page colors or add/remove features from the display, you can change your display preferences using your BlueSnap Merchant Portal. To navigate to display preferences, click Hosted Pages under CHECKOUT PAGE in the left-hand menu.

Some of the settings you can change include page colors, displaying a "cancel" button, and defining custom fields. Once your changes are complete, be sure to click CONFIRM CHANGES . This is the resulting BlueSnap Checkout page:

Displaying Images on your Checkout Page

You might want to display images on the checkout page to represent the products/services being purchased. In order to do this, you'll first need to upload these images to your BlueSnap Merchant Portal by following these steps.

  1. In your Merchant Portal, go to Settings > General Settings.

  2. Under Account Settings, click My Images.

  3. Click Choose File, select the image you want to upload, then click Upload.

After your image file uploads, you can reference it by its relative URL. For example:

  • File URL:
  • Relative URL: /developers/571747/download.jpg


Image size

We recommend uploading an image that is 300px by 300px for the best display.