AR Automation offers all the reports listed below. Click on the links to read a summary of each report.

Payment Plans


Payment Plans Statement

A report that allows you to obtain all the information about active/closed/past due/canceled payment plans. You can filter all the payment plans by status, shopper’s account owner, account sales rep, account manager, and date.

Payment Projections

A forecast of future revenue according to the payment plan.

Active Payment Plans

A report that shows the number of active payment plans for a specific period of time.

Recurring Revenue


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

The sum of all recurring revenue for a month interval. Note: Only recurring revenue is calculated. One-time revenue is not included in MRR.

MRR Movements

A report which allows you to view a detailed description of the MRR report.

Gross MRR Churn Rate

The rate of decrease in recurring revenue from cancellations or degrading of subscriptions. This rate is calculated using the following formula:
($) Total MRR Churn this period / ($) Total MRR at the start of this periodx 100 = (%) Gross MRR Churn Rate

Accounts Receivable


Customer Aging

All outstanding invoices on an aging detailed report at the account level.

Detailed Aging Report

All outstanding invoices on an aging detailed report at the invoice level.

Applied Payments Report

All payments applied to your AR Automation account.



Sales Rep Performance

A report that shows which quotes were signed during a given time frame and breaks out the quotes by the sales rep.

Total Revenue by Sales Rep

A report of sales rep activity based on revenue.

User Activity


User Activity Report

A report of users’ activity that contains the number of actions taken based on a specific event.

Detailed User Activity Report

A report of users’ activity based on specific events with detailed specifications of the event itself.

Delivered Communications

A list of all emails delivered to customers based on cadence automation.

Consolidated Report

AR Automation has a Consolidated Report functionality which allows you to combine Account Receivable reports if you have multiple company entities. You can select the Consolidated checkbox on the Report page and select entities that you want to have consolidated into the report.

Data objects in the report can be distinguished by the company to which the object is related. You can add a company column by navigating to the report settings.

The Consolidated Reports functionality can be used with the following reports:

  • Customer Aging Report
  • Detailed Customer Aging Report
  • Applied Payments Report
  • Payment Plan Statement
  • Payment Projections
  • Active Payment Plans
  • Delivered Communications



The Consolidated Report setting can only be applied from the top-level account.

Multi-Currency Reporting

A/R Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards

Multi-Currency impacts the following A/R Dashboards:

  • Total Current Amount
  • Total Past Due Amount
  • Revenue vs Outstanding
  • Projected Cashflow
  • Past Due

If you use multi-currency billing, our enhanced reporting provides improved accuracy of the data displayed in the Dashboards on your AR account.

As the exchange rate changes, your accounting system calculates the amount the invoice is valued at that specific time (when the invoice is created). Along with exchange rates, the accounting system calculates the Invoice Total Balance in the base currency, taking into consideration the actual currency rates.

We are pulling invoice balances in base currency from your accounting system for AR accounts connected to any of the following Accounting Systems: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Intacct, and NetSuite.

If your AR account is connected to the Xero accounting system, we calculate the invoice total balance in base currency based on the exchange rate we receive for invoices from Xero.

The dashboard’s data is calculated based on Invoices’ Total in base currency, either retrieved from your accounting system or calculated in the AR system. This means the data is displayed in your default currency while taking into account the invoices created in additional currencies.

Total in Base Currency column

There is an optional column added to the invoice list page called Total in Base Currency that displays the total in the base currency of an invoice that we imported from your accounting system or calculated in the AR system. You can add/remove this column in Settings by clicking on the gear icon.



  • Multi-Currency reporting is available for AR accounts that are connected to an accounting system. Standalone accounts do not support Multi-Currency Dashboards.
  • Multi-Currency Dashboards data may not be 100% accurate if your account has invoices in an additional currency that are not synchronized with the accounting system. If an invoice (in additional currency) is created in AR and is not synchronized with the accounting system, we cannot pull the Invoice Total Balance in Base currency or the exchange rate.