Auto Retry for Payments

The Auto Retry functionality is designed to automate the process of handling failed payments. This feature enables automatic retry attempts for payments that have initially failed, ensuring that payment processing continues until a successful payment is made or until the maximum number of retry attempts is reached.

Enabling Auto Retry

You can enable and configure the Auto Retry feature in the Settings section at:
Preferences > Payments.

  1. Enable Auto Retry for Payments checkbox: Check this box to activate the Auto Retry functionality.

  2. Maximum Number of Auto Retries setting: Set the maximum number of retry attempts for failed payments. The value entered for "Max Auto Retries" must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 999.
    Scenario Example:
    If the setting is set to 3 retries, the expected behavior would be:

    • Initial failed payment attempt.
    • First retry.
    • Second retry (if needed).
    • Third retry (if needed).
  3. Auto Retry Frequency setting: Set the number of days between each attempt to retry a payment.
    Scenario Examples:

    • If the setting is set to 1 day: The system would automatically create a new payment in Scheduled status every day after the failed attempt.
    • If the setting is set to 10 days: The system would automatically create a new payment in Scheduled status every 10 days after the failed attempt.

Auto Retry Process

When a payment fails, the system automatically generates a new payment with a "Scheduled" status for the retry attempt. Key points regarding the Auto Retry process include:

  • Processing Start Time: Each Auto Retry payment is scheduled to start processing 24 hours after the initial failed payment attempt.
  • Payment Source Type: Auto Retry payments are identifiable by the payment source type labeled as "Auto Retry."
  • Reconciliation: If a payment for an invoice is successfully processed, any remaining scheduled payments (if applicable) for that invoice are automatically canceled.
  • Applicability: Auto-Retry Logic specifically applies to Auto Payments. Failed payments initiated manually through the Payment Links/Customer Portal are not subject to Auto Retry logic.

Payment Failures

Understanding the types of failures is essential for determining how to handle retries. Payment failures can be categorized into two main types:

  • Soft Declines: These declines indicate temporary issues. Reasons may include: insufficient balance, card limits, network issues, etc.
    Note: Only soft declines are eligible for retry attempts.
  • Hard Declines: These are irreversible declines. Reasons may include: account closure, card reported as loss or stolen, etc.
    Hard declines are not eligible for retry attempts.

For a comprehensive understanding of the actions that can be taken after a decline, refer to the list of decline errors.