Return URL Parameters

When BlueSnap directs your shopper back to your website (either to your successUrl or cancelUrl from Step 2 of implementation), your URL query string is appended with the parameters below. You can parse the URL query string for these parameters to obtain details about the transaction. (All parameters are type: string.)

altTransactionSupported values:
  • 1 — alt transaction (PayPal/iDeal/Sofort/ACH/ACSS/BECS)
  • 0 — any other transaction
jwtIdBlueSnap identifier for the token.


Merchant's unique ID for a new transaction. Not relevant for a subscription
subscriptionSupported values:
  • 1 — subscription
  • 0 — not a subscription
subscriptionIdBlueSnap identifier for the subscription.
This is only present in your successUrl  if the subscription was successful. Not relevant for a regular transaction.
transactionIdBlueSnap identifier for the transaction.
This is only present in your successUrl if the transaction was successful or if a subscription invoice was created but is pending approval.