Extended Payment API

Learn about BlueSnap's Extended Payment API

BlueSnap's Extended Payment API enables you to build the checkout experience you want, including support for coupons & subscriptions, while using BlueSnap to host your product catalog & process the transactions.


Don't need a product catalog on BlueSnap?

The Extended Payment API is designed for merchants who want to manage their product catalog on BlueSnap. If you are managing your product catalog elsewhere and only need a payments solution, check out our Payment API instead.

You can process payments from cards and alternative payment methods, and take advantage of more sophisticated purchase flows using coupons, subscription billing, trial periods, and more.


  • Platform agnostic, REST-based API
  • Create a custom payment flow
  • Host your product catalog on BlueSnap
  • Built-in ecommerce options like coupons and subscription billing
  • Intelligent Payment Routing sends transactions to the best banks to ensure maximum payment success

Implementation options

Use one of these implementation options to minimize your PCI compliance burden:

Learn more

Check out the quickstart guides, tutorials, and reference docs for the Extended Payment API on our Developer Hub.