BECS Direct Debit


Please reach out to BlueSnap Merchant Support to enable this payment method.

BECS Direct Debit is a popular Australian payment method where money is electronically withdrawn from the shopper’s bank account and deposited into the merchant’s own bank account. BECS Direct Debit transactions are monitored by our built-in fraud prevention capabilities, just like credit card transactions.


  • Boost your sales in Australia by reaching additional shoppers who do not use credit cards or other payment methods.
  • Eliminate the need for paper checks and instead enable customers to provide their payment info online.
  • Store shopper account information for easier repeat purchases.
  • Enjoy transaction costs that are typically lower than credit card transactions.
  • Reduce issues with failed payments due to failed or invalid cards, since bank accounts do not have an expiration date, and your shoppers rarely switch banks.
  • Solution for B2B transactions and other payments for high-cost items where a credit card limit could be exceeded.

Supported Currencies

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Supported Shopper Countries


Transaction Processing

These are the main steps involved in processing BECS Direct Debit transactions:

  1. On the checkout page, your shopper selects BECS Direct Debit and enters their BSB number, account number, and personal details.
  2. Once they have entered their info, the shopper accepts the mandate authorizing their account to be debited and submits payment.
  3. When your shopper submits the transaction, BlueSnap verifies that the BSB number corresponds to a financial institution.
    • If the BSB number is valid: BlueSnap creates an invoice in pending status and sends the transaction for processing.
    • If the BSB number is not valid: BlueSnap returns an error message and the transaction is not sent for processing.
  4. Within 2 business days the bank will notify BlueSnap if the payment was declined.
    • If the payment was declined: BlueSnap will update the status of the invoice to be canceled and a Decline IPN will be sent.
    • If BlueSnap does not receive the notification within this timeframe, the invoice status will be set to approved
  5. If the bank sends a declined status after 3 business days, the invoice status will be set to refunded.



  • We have validation criteria in place and will return an error if an invalid account number is entered.
  • We recommend delivering the product only after you receive the approval.


Your shopper has 90 days to dispute the debit on their account. If this occurs, BlueSnap removes the funds from your account, and the invoice status is updated to refunded. Please note that some banks might allow a longer timeframe for reversals. Learn more below.

BlueSnap Declines

We have improved our validation, making it more comprehensive and decreasing the chance of rejection from the banks. You might see higher decline rates from BlueSnap, but keep in mind that these declines act as protection from a rejection fee, since the transaction likely would have been declined by the bank.

Resolving Payment Rejections

Payments can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including insufficient funds. To resolve a payment rejection, the shopper may provide an alternative payment method and resubmit the charge.

BlueSnap Checkout and API Integrations

To process BECS Direct Debit transactions via BlueSnap Checkout or API Integrations, make sure that you enable this payment method. Learn more about how to do that here.

This payment method is only supported with BlueSnap Checkout and automatically appears to shoppers in Australia once it has been enabled.

If you are using BlueSnap's API, please see our API guide for BECS Direct Debit.

Sandbox Testing

You may use the following bank credentials to test various scenarios.

Simulate declined transaction*
Account Number: 9990000004
BSB Number: 980201

Simulate approved transaction*
Account Number: 9990000001
BSB Number: 980201

  • After the initial transaction request, you will see the status change within an hour.

Transaction Amount Requirements

BECS Direct Debit requires that transactions don't exceed 99,999,999,999 AUD.


BlueSnap supports subscriptions with BECS Direct Debit.

Note that the following types of subscriptions are not supported:

  • Daily Subscriptions
  • Weekly Subscriptions
  • Subscriptions with Trial


Refunds can only be processed after the shopper's account has been debited and the invoice status has changed to approved:

  • If you request a refund while the invoice is pending (before the shopper's account has been debited), you will receive an error message informing you the transaction has not yet settled.
  • If you request a refund after the invoice status has been updated to approved, BlueSnap removes the funds from your account and updates the invoice status to refunded.

Keep in mind that partial refunds and multi-partial refunds are not supported. If either is attempted, you will receive an error message.


Chargebacks can be requested by the shopper after the date on which their account was debited (i.e., debit date). The way chargebacks are handled depends on how long after the debit date the chargeback was requested.

Within 90 days of debit date

Chargebacks requested within 90 days of the debit date are automatically honored. This means that if a chargeback occurs within these 90 days, the shopper's account is credited. BlueSnap removes the funds from your account and the invoice status updates to refunded. Merchants who wish to challenge or represent chargebacks should contact BlueSnap support to request the relevant payment details and then contact the shopper's issuing bank directly.

More than 90 days after debit date

Chargebacks cannot occur more than 90 days after the debit date.

Return Codes

A transaction may be returned or reversed by a bank for various reasons. The following is a list of BECS return codes, or reasons for reversal:

RC021 - Invalid Bank IDDo not retry. Contact the customer to resolve the issue.
MD012 - Authority CancelledDo not retry. Contact the customer to resolve the issue.
AC043 - Account ClosedDo not retry. Contact the customer to confirm their account information.
MD074 - Deceased AccountDo not retry.
AC015 - Invalid Account NumberDo not retry. Contact the customer for another form of payment or different bank account information.
NARR6 - Refer to CustomerDo not retry. Contact the customer to resolve the issue.
MD017 - No AuthorityDo not retry. Contact the customer to resolve the issue.
NARR9 or any other code - OtherDo not retry. Contact the customer to resolve the issue.