Test plan for Subscriptions

As a merchant, you want to test your BlueSnap integration to ensure that your customers have a flawless experience.

Before you begin


In API, the subscription model requires a time lapse in order to understand the total flow. Because of this, we have provided a simulator to test your subscriptions in sandbox.

Enter the subscriptionId in the following GET request, to simulate a subscription event. The execution of this request trigger the IPNs, emails, and invoices associated with the transaction.


The successful response is 204 No Content.

Note: This request does not impact subscription dates, meaning time-sensitive properties, such as grace period, are not simulated.

Hosted Pages

The time lapse is not possible in Hosted Pages; however, you can test creating, retrieving, and updating plans and subscriptions.

Test Scenarios

Go through the following scenarios.

Scenario    Test
  1 Create a subscription billing plan.
  3 Retrieve the plan.
  2 Update the plan.
  4 Create a subscription.
  5 Retreive the subscription.
  6 Update the subscription by changing, for example, the quantity, price, or start date.
  7 Cancel the subscription.

Test plan for Subscriptions

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