Invoices FAQs and Errors


How can I edit an invoice in AR Automation?

If an invoice is not synchronized with your accounting system, you can edit it in your AR Automation account. Click on the invoice action menu button and click Edit. Once the invoice is synchronized with your accounting system, you will need to edit the invoice directly in the accounting system. Changes made to invoices in your accounting system will be reflected in AR Automation after the next synchronization.

Why does the invoice balance not match on AR Automation and my accounting system?

If you see that the invoice has a different balance in AR Automation and your accounting system, try the following solution:

  1. Manually synchronize the invoice by clicking Re-Sync on the invoice action menu.
  2. Ensure the invoice does not have unsynchronized payments applied. If there is an unsynced payment, that means the payment was not pushed to your Accounting System so the invoice balance will be different on the two systems.
  3. If the invoice has an ACH payment with an Authorized status and if the setting Submit Authorized ACH payments (under Preferences > the Payments tab) is disabled, the payment will be pushed to the accounting system once it is successfully processed. The invoice balance will be equal in the two systems.

Why is the invoice shown as paid if the payment failed?

This may happen if you have the setting Submit Authorized ACH Payments to Accounting System enabled under Preferences > the Payments tab.

Once the payment is applied, even if the status is Authorized, the AR system changes the invoice status to Paid in AR Automation in order to stop cadence emails from being sent.

By default, the AR system can push ACH payments to your accounting system once payments are in a Succeeded or Authorized status. If your account has the setting Submit Authorized ACH Payments to Accounting System disabled under Preferences > the Payments tab, only fully processed ACH charges will be submitted to the accounting system. If this setting is enabled, the ACH payment will be submitted to your accounting system as soon it is initiated and in an Authorized status.

If the authorized ACH payment fails we will not be able to update the payment status in the accounting system from Authorized to Failed, so your accounting system will not consider the payment failed. Unfortunately, accounting systems cannot pick up the payment status update and there is no ability to mark the payment as failed in the accounting system. The failed ACH payment stays complete in the accounting system and the invoice is reflected as paid.

To fix this issue, you will need to manually delete the failed payment in the accounting system. Upon synchronization, the invoice balance and status will be updated in your AR Automation account.

Why is the invoice not loading?

In most cases, we import the invoice PDF from your accounting system. If you are experiencing issues with an invoice not loading on the invoice page, try manually re-syncing the invoice, and the invoice PDF should be uploaded to AR Automation.

What do I do if I am missing an invoice record in AR Automation?

If an invoice record is available in the accounting system but missing in AR Automation, please check the following:

  • The invoice is not archived in AR Automation (this can be checked by using the filter Archived, with the value Yes).
  • If you are using the same invoice numbers for more than one invoice, please make sure that the setting Allow Duplicate Invoice Numbers is enabled on your account. This setting can be adjusted by going to Settings > Invoices.
  • If none of the above apply, try to import the invoice manually by going to the Invoices page > click the action menu (three vertical dots) and select the Import by number option. You will need to enter the exact invoice number in order to import it from your accounting system.

If I delete an invoice in my accounting system, will it be removed from my AR Automation account?

Yes, we sync deleted customers/invoices once a day at 1:00am UTC. If you delete an invoice in your accounting system and need to sync the change to your AR Automation account instantly, you can manually archive the invoice in your AR Automation account.


Invoice Synchronization

If an invoice record cannot be synchronized in AR Automation, that means the error message is coming directly from the Accounting System connected to the AR account. Some of the most common Invoice Sync Failure errors are:

  • Empty location is invalid; A valid Multi-Entity location must be specified
    Occurs when there is a $0 line item on an invoice that is syncing to Sage Intacct. You may need to remove the $0 line item from the invoice or edit the price value to fix the error.
  • Item ID: is not found
    Occurs if an item used in the invoice is inactive/deleted on the Sage Intacct account. To fix the error, either restore the inactive item on Intacct or remove the inactive item from the invoice.
  • Line items At least 1 line item is required
    Occurs if you attempt to synchronize an invoice without line items to the accounting system. To synchronize the invoice with the accounting system, add at least one line item to the invoice.
  • The given object ID "XXX" in the field "list id" is invalid
    Usually occurs when the system attempts to synchronize an invoice that is applied to a customer record that has not yet been synchronized. To fix this issue, make sure the customer associated with the invoice is synchronized and then attempt invoice synchronization again.
  • CustomerRef is required: CustomerRef is missing in the request
    This sync error occurs if Customer is not selected at the invoice level, or the customer associated with the invoice is not available in the accounting system. Verify the customer is synchronized.
  • Invalid Reference Id: Invalid Reference Id : Product/Service assigned to this transaction has been deleted. Before you can modify this transaction, you must restore XXX (Item Name)
    This happens if the item used in the invoice is inactive or deleted from the Sage Intacct account. To fix the error, either restore the inactive item on Intacct or remove the inactive item from the invoice.
  • Duplicate Document Number Error: Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. DocNumber=XXXX is assigned to TxnType=Invoice with TxnId=XXX
    This happens if an invoice with that reference number already exists in the accounting system. To fix the error, edit the invoice reference number in your AR Automation account and attempt to synchronize invoice again.
  • Account Period Closed: The account period has closed./Account Period Closed, Cannot Update Through Services API: The account period has closed and the account books cannot be updated through the QBO Services API. -
    This error indicates that the accounting period (i.e. quarter, year) in the accounting system has been already closed. The invoice date is for this closed period. To fix this, you may need to change the invoice date and attempt synchronization again.