Payout FAQs

How much does it cost to sign up? What fees will I pay?

There are no upfront sign up or setup fees to join BlueSnap! We do charge a small sales commission on your BlueSnap-generated sales. These fees are deducted and shown in detail with your monthly payout. To learn more, contact us at [email protected].

When do I receive my payout?

The default payout is Daily +2 business days. Depending on commercial terms, the Platform can support multiple payout methods.

What payout methods are available to me?

You can receive your payout by wire transfer, ACH (direct deposit), SEPA Credit Transfer, or CHAPS. Refer to Payout for more information.

Can BlueSnap convert my payout from USD to another currency, or do I have to convert it at the bank?

In many cases, if you are being paid outside the United States, you may have funds delivered:

  • In your local currency (by wire transfer, for instance). If you select this option, we convert your currency based on our current rate and deposit your funds.
  • By check in USD. If you select this option, you simply bring your check to your local bank and have them run the conversion and apply the funds to your account.

What are my payout currency options?

BlueSnap currently offers . For more details, refer to the Payout Currency column in our Supported Currencies table.

Are there more payout options?

Check out our Payout Methods, where we keep updating our advanced solutions for payouts, including receiving direct deposits internationally and even managing your own employee payouts.

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Payout FAQs

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