Cancel a Subscription

There are multiple ways you or your shopper can cancel a subscription:

For the merchant:

  • Reach out to our support team
  • Use the order locator (see section below)
  • Use our APIs: Use our API to allow shoppers to easily cancel through your website or other communications.

Cancel Using Order Locator

To cancel a subscription, go to the subscription order record and click Cancel subscription.




To find a subscription order record, go to Find a Transaction, enter the info. required to locate the order, and click Locate. In the results, click the subscription you want to cancel.

The subscription will be canceled immediately, but no refund will be incurred. If you prefer to keep the subscription active until the next payment is due, use the Disable Auto Renew option instead (see Disable or enable subscription auto-renew).



To reactivate the subscription order, click the Reactivate subscription button in the subscription order record.

For the shopper:

  • Use the cancellation link in the email order receipt: If the merchant is signed up for BlueSnap emails, then the shopper can cancel using the cancellation link included in the receipt email.
  • Use the Shopper Control Panel: If your shoppers have access to our Shopper Control Panel, then they can cancel the subscription from there.