Chargeback FAQs

Dispute Rule Updates: Evolution of Compelling Evidence

Visa has announced updates to its chargebacks dispute rules. What does that mean for me?

There are some newly introduced changes to rules around disputing chargebacks. Find FAQS below. For more details, visit our dedicated blog post.

Are there any changes to the evidence that needs to be provided for disputes related to “Dispute Condition 10.4: Fraud — Card-Absent Environment”?

You need to provide evidence of two or more previous undisputed charges on the same card.

Are there any changes to items that need to be provided as evidence of a link to the cardholder?

Currently, acquirers can supply evidence that includes (but is not limited to) photographs or emails to prove their case. This new rule limits the allowable proof.

Are there any changes to evidence that needs to be provided for prior undisputed transactions?

Yes, there are fewer pieces of evidence that you need to provide. Previously you had to provide all the items on Visa’s list but with this update, you only need to supply a minimum of 3 of the items from their list.

Is there any impact on recurring transactions/subscriptions?

Currently, there is no clearly stated rule preventing issuers from initiating chargebacks under “Dispute Condition 13.2: Cancelled Recurring Transaction”. Issuers are not currently required to prove the shopper canceled their payment method or provided alternate payment instructions, or how the shopper contacted the merchant.  Now, shoppers will not be able to use  this reason code to cancel their subscription because they would prefer to work with their bank instead of the merchant. 

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