Chargeback Management

A chargeback occurs when a shopper contacts their issuing bank to contest a transaction. The shopper will be credited the full payment amount by their bank and BlueSnap will notify the merchant when the chargeback happens. If merchants feel it is unfounded, they can challenge the chargeback by submitting a representment in response to the chargeback.


BlueSnap enables merchants to handle chargebacks by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that offer a two-pronged chargeback management strategy:

  1. Rapidly respond to chargebacks when they happen.
  2. Proactively implement measures to stop chargebacks from occurring in the first place. Merchants can use BlueSnap’s platform to gain visibility into the chargeback lifecycle and respond to chargebacks as needed.

Merchants should contest chargebacks when appropriate or they will lose revenue. Merchants that accumulate too many chargebacks could lose the ability to process credit card transactions and face non-compliance fines.