Getting Started

BlueSnap's AR Automation provides enablement, automation, and insights to help services-based businesses operate more efficiently.

AR Automation works in conjunction with your current accounting system or as a stand-alone service. We work with companies of all sizes and across most industries, focusing on these key areas.

  • Automate repetitive AR tasks — Create unlimited payment follow-up and billing communication rules (known as Cadences). These cadences automate tasks that don't need your attention and notify you of those that do.

  • Streamline billing — Create recurring payments, manage subscriptions, enable customer automatic billing, automatically apply late fees, manage coupons, and create payment plans. Speed up payments and increase transparency with interactive customer portals and online payment options.

  • Unlock user and customer insights — Automatically log all user and customer events. Review full communication logs, call duration, email open tracking, and invoice views. Customer health, average time to payment, and aging trends are all calculated automatically. Review real-time team activity and performance.