Vendor Details Report

Report description

Applies to Marketplaces only. Returns detailed information about your vendors, such as their account, processing, and payout statuses. Use this report to track who is selling on your platform. Vendor info is delayed by approximately 3 hours.

Report columns


  • The report columns listed below that are indicated by an asterisk (*) can filter shopper information when compiling the report.
Column Name Description
Account Balance Current account balance (funds that have not been paid out yet).

Account Status* Vendor's account status.

Email The vendor's contact email address.

Last Payout Amount Amount of last vendor payout.

Last Payout Date Date of last vendor payout.

Missing Vendor Info If vendor's payout status is incomplete, then this field will contain the missing vendor information required for payout.

Payout Currency* Payout Currency will be the same as the Disbursement currency unless the disbursement is an exotic currency. When disbursements are in an exotic currency, the Payout currency will be USD.

Payout Delay (days) Related to the vendor's payout schedule. Specifies how long after the charge date your vendor is eligible to be paid out.

Payout Status* Vendor's payout status.

Processing Status* Vendor's processing status.

Total of Payable Amount The total value of payable amounts.

Vendor Create Date The date the vendor was created.

Vendor ID* A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each marketplace vendor.

Vendor Name The vendor name.

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Vendor Details Report

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