Summary of Processing Statements Report

The Summary of Processing Statements report summarizes all of your individual Payout Summary Statements. This report has all the information you need to reconcile your gross sales with the amount deposited into your bank account for each payout currency. It includes all sales, refunds, chargebacks, RDRs, non-processing fees, and any other adjustments to your account. This report can be viewed for a single payout or for a specified date range. Data is delayed by approximately 5 hours.

Report Columns



  • The report columns listed below with an asterisk (*) can be used to filter the results when you run the report.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.
Column NameDescription
Affiliate/Vendor CommissionAny amounts paid to Affiliates or Vendors.
Bank Transfer Line IDThis number is included in the payout file sent to the bank. BlueSnap uses it to identify payments that fail in order to credit merchants' accounts.
Carry Over AmountThe amount of funds added to (or deducted from) this payout corresponding to sales withheld from a previous payout.
Change in BlueSnap ReserveAny change in the amount of funds held by BlueSnap for reserve.
Change in Refund ReserveAny change in the amount of funds on hold by the merchant to account for refunds.
Change in ReserveNet change in BlueSnap and refund reserve amount that occurred in the period.
Chargeback Dispute CountThe total number of chargeback disputes contributing to the merchant dispute cost.
Chargeback TRR CountThe total number of chargeback TRR records for which a fee was charged.
Chargeback ValueValue of any chargebacks processed in this period.
Currency*3-digit code of the currency of the bank account where you will receive proceeds from the transaction.
Gross SalesValue of sales (charges) processed in this period, including any applicable TAX/VAT collected by BlueSnap.
Manual Adjustment AmountNet amount of any adjustments that occurred in the period.
Net SalesGross Sales – Refund Value – Chargeback Value.
Non-processing FeesBlueSnap fees assessed for non-transactional services (e.g. Account Updater, Complete-level Fraud Prevention).
Paid Directly by 3rd PartyAny amounts paid to you by a 3rd party for the transaction (e.g. PayPal).
Payment ID*A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each payout.
Payout From DateThe transactions processed beginning at this date through the Payout Through Date will be included in your BlueSnap deposit for this Payment ID.
Payout Through DateThe transactions processed beginning at the Payout From Date through this date will be included in your BlueSnap deposit for this Payment ID.
Payout Planned DateThe date a payment is expected to be initiated according to your payout schedule. If the Planned Date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be initiated on the next business day.
Payout Transfer DateDate when a payment took place.
Processing FeesBlueSnap's commission/processing fees assessed on the transactions processed in this period.
RDR CountTotal number of RDR invoices.
RDR ValueTotal of RDR value.
Refund ValueValue of any refunds processed in this period.
Region**Region where deposit is processed (**only available for merchants on regional payout).
Tax/VAT included in Net SalesThe amount of any VAT or Tax included in the Gross Sales amount.
Tax/VAT remitted by BlueSnapThis is the portion of your Gross sales, that BlueSnap will retain and remit to the relevant authorities.
Total DisbursementNet Sales – Processing Fees – TAX/VAT remitted by BlueSnap – Paid directly by 3rd party – non-processing fees – change in reserve – manual adjustment amount – carryover amount.
Total VAT on FeesTotal amount of VAT on processing and non-processing fees.

Parameter Names

  • From date
  • Payment ID
  • Payout Currency
  • Period
  • To date