Payment Processing with AR Automation

Learn how to use our AR Automation and BlueSnap integration for processing your payments. You can use our integration whether you would like to process payments manually through our unique and secure Payment Link feature or automatically by setting up auto payment rules.


  • Simplest level of PCI compliance: SAQ-A
  • Secure payment links for single or multiple invoices
  • Increase shopper confidence by allowing them to enter their own sensitive payment details
  • Ability to securely store payment methods at a customer level
  • Surcharging
  • Let customers enter a payment amount
  • Virtual Terminal for your employees to enter payment information
  • Synching payment data with ERP systems

Supported Payment Methods

  • ACH/ECP (electronic check)
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Google Pay
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • SEPA Direct Debit


If you need an AR Automation account, go to the AR site to sign up.
If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap site to get started.

Supported Currencies

We recommend configuring your account to accept only BlueSnap Supported Currencies.

Supported Countries

BlueSnap Supported Countries. If a shopper is located in one of these supported countries, they can purchase with the BlueSnap payment module.


1. Create an AR Automation account and connect it to BlueSnap

This guide walks through how to connect your AR Automation account to BlueSnap's payment gateway technology.

2. Connect your ERP/Accounting System to AR Automation

AR Automation can be used in conjunction with your accounting system to synchronize your customers, invoices and payments automatically, every two hours (the only exception is QuickBooks Desktop as it requires manual launch of synchronization).
The following are guides for connecting your Accounting System to the AR Automation system:

3. Setting up Payment Settings

You can adjust your payment settings in your AR Automation account by going to Account > Settings > Preferences > Payments tab.
All settings with a description are listed in our documentation.

4. Selecting Payment Account for Reconciliation

Payments available in AR Automation are immediately synced with accounting/ERP systems, marking the invoice as paid or partially paid in your Accounting System. To ensure your payments are synchronized to Accounting System, it is needed to select Payment Account where payment should be deposited in your accounting/ERP system. For example, if your AR Automation account is connected to QuickBooks Online, the payments can be deposited to the Undeposited Funds account or you may select any specific Payment Account from the list we import from your accounting.

Select the Payment Account:

  1. Click on your initials in the lower-left corner and navigate to Account > Accounting.
  2. In the Accounting System Integration, use the Payment Account dropdown list to select the payment account to which you want to deposit funds.

Multi-Currency Payments

If you take payments in many currencies and want to deposit them to separate payment accounts in your accounting/ERP system, go to the payment page and pick the currency of the payments as well as the payment account to which they should be deposited.

Payment Account for QuickBooks Desktop

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, please note that your payments can only be deposited to the Invoice AR account. To push payments to your QuickBooks Desktop account, select the Use Invoice AR Account to record payments checkbox, shown below.

5. Enabling Payment Methods

Now, specify which payment methods you want your shopper to see on the Payment page. To enable a payment method on your AR account, go to Settings > Preferences > the Payments tab. Learn more about how to set up those payment methods.

6. Enabling IPNs

Payment statuses are synced from BlueSnap to the AR Automation account via IPNs (also known as webhooks). We set up the server and URL on our end; all you need to do is configure the IPN settings in your BlueSnap account.



You can find your IPN URL in the AR Automation account.
Click your initials in the lower-left corner and go to Account > Payments.
The BlueSnap IPN URL section provides your unique IPN URL.

The next step is to enable IPN settings on your BlueSnap account. Find a step-by-step guide on enabling IPNs here.

You must enable the following IPNs on your BlueSnap account settings to ensure payments are imported:

  • Charge IPN
  • Charge Pending
  • Decline IPN
  • Auth Only
  • Decline
  • Refund
  • Account Updater

Accepting Payments

Manual Payment Processing

Your customers can make payments through the AR Automation system while your accounting/ERP system remains in sync. There are various ways of accepting payments such as Payment Link, Pay Balance Link, and Virtual Terminal.

Learn more about the different ways to collect payments.

Automatic Payment Processing

You can set up automated payment schedules and let your customers pay invoices right away with online payments.

Payment Automation Levels

  • Customer Level (Auto Pay Schedule) β€” Lets you automatically pay all open invoices for a particular customer, according to a specific schedule. Auto Pay Schedule is configured individually for every customer and supports daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules.
  • Invoice Level (Auto Pay Rule) β€” Lets you automatically pay all invoices on the account that satisfy certain conditions. Auto Pay Rule is a named invoice filler (e.g., balance > $1000 AND Date > 2019-08-01). Whenever an invoice is created or modified, it is checked against the Auto Pay Rules set up in the account. If the invoice satisfies all conditions of an Auto Pay Rule, it will be automatically charged.

Learn more about flexible automatic payment processing options.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal in AR Automation allows you as a merchant to process payments and add a payment method on the shopper's behalf. Learn more.

Issuing Refunds

Learn how to issue refunds through AR Automation in a few easy steps.


AR Automation's surcharge functionality allows you to cover the cost of processing credit cards. Learn more.

Refer to our FAQ section if you have any questions or contact our merchant support by emailing [email protected].