Automatic Payment Processing

AR Automation's platform provides flexible automatic payment processing options (below) to fit any customer billing model. It also allows you to completely customize your payment processing schedule.

  • Account auto pay — Set an automatic payment schedule for all the invoices on an account.
  • Invoice auto pay — Automatically charge invoices that match specific criteria that you define.
  • Subscription auto pay — Automatically charge invoices created by the AR Automation Subscription Module.
  • Payment Plan auto pay — Set an automatic payment schedule for invoices on an AR Automation Payment Plan
  • Progress Billing auto pay — Set to up auto payment for invoices created from an AR Automation Estimate.

Any combination of the above options can be used.


Connect to BlueSnap

To take advantage of AR Automation's automatic payment processing features, you first need to connect your account to BlueSnap's payment platform. Refer Connect to BlueSnap for detailed instructions.

Account Auto Payments

Account-level automatic payments allow you to create a schedule to automatically charge open invoices for a customer account. Invoices for an account that are currently in a Payment Plan is excluded. To create an automatic payment rule for a customer, go to their customer detail page and edit their auto-pay settings.

Invoice Auto Payments

Invoice-level automatic payment rules allow you to automatically charge new or updated invoices meeting a set of conditions that you define. To create an auto-pay rule, go to Settings > Invoices and complete the remaining steps listed here.

Subscription Auto Payments

Subscription-level automatic payments allow you to automatically charge invoices created from the AR Automation Subscription Module. To enable the auto-pay feature for a subscription, make sure the Auto Pay checkbox is selected. See AR Automation Subscriptions for more details.

Payment Plan Auto Payments

Auto pay for Payment Plans allows you to automatically process payments according to a plan schedule. To enable this feature, select the Auto Pay checkbox when you create your Payment Plan.

Estimates (Progress Billing) Auto Payments

Estimates allow you to issue invoices based on milestones and track the progress against the original estimate. Once an estimate has been created, you can enable a custom automatic invoice creation schedule, and elect to have these invoices automatically charged. To enable this feature, go to Customers > Estimates, and complete the following steps.

  1. Next to the desired estimate, expand the menu on the right-hand side and click Enable Auto Invoice.

  2. Configure your settings such as interval, start date, and more. To have invoices automatically charged upon creation, select the Enable Auto Pay checkbox.

  3. Click Save.

Automatic Payment Processing Schedule

AR Automation gives you full control over your automatic payment processing schedule. You can define when auto payments are processed down to the month, day, and hour. All auto payments that are batched together are sent for processing according to the scheduled frequency you define. To take advantage of this feature, follow the steps below.

  1. In your AR Automation account, go to Account > Payments.

  2. In the Auto Payments Processing Schedule section, click on any of the tabs (Month, Day, or Hour) and configure your settings. You can edit multiple tabs to customize the schedule to fit your exact needs.



    The Cut-off time (hours) setting lets you specify when payments should be moved to the next payment processing batch.

    For example, suppose you specify a cut-off time of 1 hour. If a new auto payment occurs within 1 hour of the next scheduled processing time, then that payment is moved to the next payment processing batch.

  3. When you're done configuring your settings, click Save Changes.