Israel Local Card Acquiring

BlueSnap supports a variety of international credit cards and payment types in Israel, allowing you to take advantage of some key benefits listed below. This section outlines supported currencies and cards and the different ways you can integrate.


Some of the benefits of taking advantage of our Israel solution are:

  • Increased sales (up to 35%) and payment conversions (up to 30%)
  • Reduced checkout friction by offering local currencies and payment methods
  • Improved conversions with local acquiring
  • Reduced costs related to pass-through tax charges


Before you Begin

Contact Merchant Support or your Implementation Specialist to have Israel processing enabled for your account.

Supported Features

3D Secure
Account Updater
AR Automation: Accounts Receivable
Chargeback Management
Fraud Prevention
PCI Compliance
Reporting and Analytics
Subscription Managment
Taxes with Avalara

Payment Methods

Supported Cards and Wallets

International and Local Cards/Wallets

The following international credit cards are supported:

  • American Express (Amex)
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

The following wallets are supported:

  • ApplePay
  • Google Pay

Other Payment Types

We also have other payment types available. Learn more.

Supported Currencies

BlueSnap supports local acquiring in Israel. Listed below are the supported shopper currencies and supported payout currencies. For local Israeli-issued cards, we strongly recommend that you use ILS currency.

Shopper Currencies

  • EUR: Euro
  • GBP: British Pound Sterling
  • ILS: Israeli New Shekel
  • USD: United States Dollar

Payout Currencies

  • EUR: Euro
  • ILS: Israeli New Shekel
  • USD: United States Dollar


You can use any BlueSnap solution for integration. We offer several flexible solutions, like our Payment API or Hosted Payment Page, to help you build the checkout experience that is right for your business. Once you integrate, you'll also have the option of leveraging any of our partner integrations, including shopping cart plug-ins.

Required Information

Merchant ID

If your business also has a separate entity outside of Israel, you need a separate merchant ID for that entity. One merchant ID will function for Israel local processing and one will function for global processing.



  • Local processing in Israel does not require that the shopper provide their local personal identification number (Israeli ID). The Israeli ID is optional.
  • 3DS is not required, but strongly recommended.

Returning Shoppers

To ensure the best conversion rates for returning shoppers do one of the following:

  • Use BlueSnap's Subscription Billing Engine or implement Merchant-Managed Subscriptions for transactions that don't include a CVV
  • Prompt the shopper for their CVV and run a regular card transaction