LatAm Local Card Acquiring

Empower your sales in Latin America (LatAm) by allowing BlueSnap to remove traditional barriers to international sales, such as high taxes from settling into an international account and the requirement for a local legal entity. Take advantage of our tax-efficient solutions right from where you are.


Some of the benefits of taking advantage of our LatAm solution are:

  • Reduced costs related to pass-through tax charges
  • Increased sales (up to 35%) and payment conversions (up to 30%)
  • Reduced checkout friction by offering local currencies and payment methods
  • Improved conversions with local acquiring and intelligent failover logic


Before you begin:

Contact Merchant Support or your Implementation Specialist to have LatAm processing enabled for your account.

Payment Methods

Supported Cards and Wallets

International Credit Cards

The following international credit cards are supported:

  • American Express (Amex)
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • JCB in select countries (consult with implementation for details)
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Local Credit Cards

Local credit card processing is available for transactions in local cards as follows:

  • Argentina — Amex, Argencard, Cabal, Cencosud, Diners, MasterCard, Nativa, Tarjeta Naranja, Tarjeta Shopping, Visa
  • Brazil — Amex, Cartão MercadoLivr, Discover, ELO, Hipercard, JCB, MasterCard, Visa
  • Chile — Amex, Diners, MasterCard, Visa
  • Colombia — Amex, Diners, MasterCard, Visa
  • Mexico — Amex, MasterCard, Visa

Other Payment Types

We also have other payment types available. Learn more.

Note: Local processing in these countries is available with any BlueSnap integration, and your business does not have to be located in LatAm.

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Required Shopper Information

For transactions to be processed locally, the following shopper information is required:

  • Shopper email address
  • Local personal identification number (for local processing in Brazil)
  • CVV (more on CVV in Recurring payments)

Local Personal Identification Number

Local LatAm processing in Brazil requires that the shopper provide their local personal identification number. In all other LatAm countries, the personal identification number is optional. Below is a list of the ID types per country:

  • Argentina — DNI
  • Brazil — CPF/CNPJ
  • Chile — RUN
  • Colombia — DIC/CC
  • Mexico — CURP/RFC

If you are using a BuyNow hosted page, the required information is automatically collected on the checkout page. If you are using an API integration, you must collect the required information and send to BlueSnap when processing the transaction.

We support local LatAm processing only in select shopping cart integrations because the carts do not automatically collect this information.

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Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are automatically processed without the CVV, because the shopper only enters this information during the first transaction. In certain LatAm countries, the local acquirers require the CVV for every transaction, meaning that recurring payments in these countries must be processed through our international acquirers.

Expired Cards

If you’re using BlueSnap’s subscription engine, a Subscription Charge Failure IPN is sent when a charge fails due to an expired card. Depending on your BlueSnap integration, we recommend following the steps outlined below to ensure the next charge is successful. Account Updater is not supported for LatAm countries at this time.

API Integrations

  1. Reach out to the shopper requesting updated card information.
  2. Update the shopper's payment information via relevant API calls:

BuyNow Hosted Page Integrations

Shoppers must update their payment information in their shopper account.

If BlueSnap emails are enabled, BlueSnap emails the shopper directing them to their shopper account.

If BlueSnap emails are not enabled, we recommend that you direct the shopper to their shopper account.

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API Integration Requirements

To learn about the requirements to get started and see code samples, visit our Developer Hub.

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Hosted Payment Page Requirements

If you are using BlueSnap’s Hosted Payment pages, all you need to do is request BlueSnap to enable local processing.

Required Information

On the Hosted Payment page, BlueSnap automatically collects all information that is required for local LatAm processing, such as the email address and the CVV.

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Hosted Checkout Page Requirements

If you are using BlueSnap’s Hosted Checkout pages, all you need to do is request BlueSnap to enable local processing.

Required Information

On the Hosted Checkout page, BlueSnap automatically collects all information that is required for local LatAm processing, such as the email address and the CVV.

Setting Up the Currency

When using the Hosted Checkout pages, you have two different approaches to the way that the local currency is displayed and processed:

1. Set up the local price in your catalog

If you prefer to always show the same local price to the shopper, this is the best approach. Set the local price and currency (for example, Argentinian Peso) on the specific contract. Note that this price is converted to your base currency for payout, so you are paid a different amount per transaction depending on the exchange rate.

2. Leave the contract in your base currency

If you prefer to set the price in your base currency, then BlueSnap automatically converts the price to the local currency based on the current exchange rates and display the local price to the shopper. This means that you are paid the same amount each time, but the shopper sees a different price depending on the exchange rate.

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