Account Balance Detail Report

Returns transaction-level detail for all of the transactions included in your account balance. The Payout Planned Date field can be used to identify when a transaction will be included in a BlueSnap payout. Data is updated daily. For more details on a particular transaction, cross-reference with the Transaction Details Report by the Invoice ID parameter.

Report Columns



  • The report columns listed below with an asterisk (*) can be used to filter the results when you run the report.
  • All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.
Column NameDescription
Adjustment DescriptionDescribes the Payout Adjustment (e.g. chargeback reversal). Note: Applies only to records with Payout Adjustment transaction type.
Amount Paid to Vendor/AffiliateAny amounts owed to Affiliates or Vendors from the transaction.
Authorized OnThe date the transaction was authorized.
BlueSnap Processing FeesBlueSnap processing fees assessed on the transaction.
Captured OnThe date the transaction was captured.
Card CategoryApplies to credit and debit card payments only (e.g. Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business).
Disbursement Currency3-digit code of the currency of the bank account where you will receive proceeds from the transaction.
Gross Payout AmountThe transaction amount converted to the Payout Currency.
Invoice IDA unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each captured sale, refund, or chargeback.
Merchant Transaction IDA unique value sent by the merchant with a transaction request.
Multiple Vendor DataApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. Value is a comma-separated string of all vendor IDs and names associated with the transaction.
For example: β€œ1111111 (vendor1) , 2222222 (vendor2)”.
Original Invoice IDApplies to recurring charges, refunds, and chargebacks. For recurring charges, the value provided is the invoice ID for the first charge of the subscription. For refunds and chargebacks, the value is the Invoice ID for the sale being refunded or disputed.
Paid Directly by 3rd partyAny amounts that will be paid to you by a 3rd party for the transaction (e.g. PayPal).
Payment MethodCredit Card, Electronic Check, PayPal, etc.
Payment SubtypeSubtypes of "Online banking" payment type.
Payout Currency*Payout Currency will be the same as the Disbursement currency unless the disbursement is an exotic currency. When disbursements are in an exotic currency, the Payout currency will be USD.
Payout Planned Date*The date a payment is expected to be initiated according to your payout schedule. If the Planned Date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be initiated on the next business day.
PayPal Processing FeesApplies to PayPal transactions only. Any fees charged by PayPal for the transaction.
Tax/VAT Remitted by BlueSnapThis is the portion of your Gross amount, which BlueSnap will retain and remit to the relevant authorities.
Total DisbursementThe currency of the funds deposited in your account by BlueSnap. Gross Payout Amount - Amount Paid to Vendor/Affiliate - Paid Directly by Third Party - BlueSnap Processing Fees.
Transaction AmountThe amount charged to the shopper.
Transaction Currency3-digit code of the currency charged to a shopper.
Transaction TypeCharge, Refund, Chargeback, or Payout Adjustment.
VAT/TAXThe amount of any VAT or Tax included in the Gross Payout Amount.
Vendor / Affiliate ID*Applies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each marketplace vendor or affiliate. A value in this column means one vendor or affiliate is associated with the transaction. If this is empty and Vendor/Affiliate Name states MULTIPLE VENDORS, then the transaction includes 2 or more vendors. Refer to Multiple Vendor Data for the CSV of all vendors associated with the transaction.
Vendor / Affiliate NameApplies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. The name of the vendor or affiliate associated with a specific transaction. If the transaction includes 2 or more vendors, the value is MULTIPLE VENDORS. Refer to Multiple Vendor Data for the CSV of all vendors associated with the transaction.

Parameter Names

  • Payment Currency
  • Planned Date
  • Vendor/Affiliate