Payout Details Report

Report description

For each transaction included in the specified payout, this report provides order, payment, and fee information. It is helpful for a transaction-level reconciliation of your deposits from BlueSnap. If you need more information about a particular transaction, you can cross-reference the Transaction Details report, which is linked to the Payout Details report by the Payment ID and Invoice ID parameters. Data is delayed by approximately 24 hours.

Report columns


  • The report columns listed below that are indicated by an asterisk (*) can filter shopper information when compiling the report.
  • The Custom Field columns that display in this report are optional.
Column Names Description
3DS Authentication If the transaction was successfully authenticated using 3D Secure, the value is Yes. Otherwise, the value is No.

Amount Paid to Vendor/Affiliate

Any amounts owed to Affiliates or Vendors from the transaction.

Authorized On

The date the transaction was authorized.

BlueSnap Processing Fees

BlueSnap processing fees assessed on the transaction.

Captured On

The date the transaction was captured.

Card Category

Applies to credit and debit card payments only (e.g. Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business).

Contract ID*

A unique value assigned to each contract created in the BlueSnap product catalog.


Indicates whether the card was a consumer card or a corporate card.

Cross Border

Indicates that the shopper was in a different country than the merchant.

Disbursement Currency

3-digit code of the currency of the bank account where you will receive proceeds from the transaction.


If the transaction was initially declined and then was ultimately successful as a result of BlueSnap's failover functionality, then the value is Yes. Otherwise, the value is No.

Gross Payout Amount

The transaction amount converted to the Payout Currency.

Invoice ID

A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each captured sale, refund, or chargeback.

Merchant Transaction ID

A unique value sent by the merchant with a transaction request.

Meta&#8209<The MetaData Key>

Displays new report columns when metadata keys are used; for example, if the metadata keys are Name, City, and Country, each of those keys will display as a column. The values in each row will be taken from the metadata values sent with each transaction, which correspond to the relevant key, such as Name=Dan.

Original Invoice ID

Applies to recurring charges, refunds, and chargebacks. For recurring charges, the value provided is the invoice ID for the first charge of the subscription. For refunds and chargebacks, the value is the Invoice ID for the sale being refunded or disputed.

Paid Directly by 3rd party

Any amounts that will be paid to you by a 3rd party for the transaction (e.g. PayPal).

Payment ID*

A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each payout.

Payment Method

Credit Card, Electronic Check, PayPal, etc.

Payout Currency*

Payout Currency will be the same as the Disbursement currency unless the disbursement is an exotic currency. When disbursements are in an exotic currency, the Payout currency will be USD.

Payout Planned Date

The date a payment is expected to be initiated according to your payout schedule. If the Planned Date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be initiated on the next business day.

Payout Transfer Date

Date when a payment took place.

PayPal Processing Fees

Applies to PayPal transactions only. Any fees charged by PayPal for the transaction.

Product ID*

A unique value assigned to each product created in the BlueSnap product catalog.

Regulated Issuer

Y or N; Specifies if the BIN is regulated.

Shopper First Name

The shopper's first name.

Shopper Last Name

The shopper's last name.

Shopper Country

The shopper's country.

Total Disbursement

The currency of the funds deposited in your account by BlueSnap. Gross Payout Amount - Amount Paid to Vendor/Affiliate - Paid Directly by Third Party - BlueSnap Processing Fees.

Transaction Amount

The amount charged to the shopper.

Transaction Currency

3-digit code of the currency charged to a shopper.

Transaction Type

Charge, Refund, or Chargeback.


The amount of any VAT or Tax included in the Gross Payout Amount.

Tax/VAT Remitted by BlueSnap

This is the portion of your Gross amount, which BlueSnap will retain and remit to the relevant authorities.

Vendor/Affiliate ID*

Applies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. A unique value assigned by BlueSnap to each marketplace vendor or affiliate. A value in this column means a vendor or affiliate is associated with the transaction. If this is blank and Vendor/Affiliate Name states MULTIPLE VENDORS, then the transaction includes 2 or more vendors.

Vendor/Affiliate Name*

Applies to Marketplaces and Affiliates only. The name of the vendor or affiliate associated with a specific transaction. If the transaction includes 2 or more vendors, this reports MULTIPLE VENDORS.

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Payout Details Report

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