Connect with NetSuite

This step-by-step guide covers how to connect your NetSuite account to AR Automation's robust invoicing platform, as well as how to add payment processing to your integration by connecting your NetSuite account to BlueSnap. You'll have access to the following features in your NetSuite account:

  • Send Payment Link, Payment Method Link, and Pay Balance Link directly to your customers.
  • Charge an open invoice via your customer's saved payment method.
  • View your customer's default saved payment method.

Connecting NetSuite and AR Automation

Follow the steps in the section to connect your NetSuite and AR Automation accounts.

Step 1. Enable Token-Based Authentication

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.
  2. Click the Suite Cloud tab.
  3. Scroll down to the SuiteScript section, and select the following options:
  • Client
  • SuiteScript.Server
  • SuiteScript.
  1. Click I Agree on the SuiteCloud Terms of Service page.
  2. Scroll down to the Manage Authentication section, and select the Token-based Authentication option.
  3. Click I Agree on the SuiteCloud Terms of Service page.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2. Create a Token Role

  1. Search for page:role and click New Role.
  2. Navigate to Subsidiary Restrictions and add the following permissions:
  • Accessible Subsidiaries: All
  • Allow cross-subsidiary record viewing
  1. Navigate to Permissions > Setup and add the following permissions:
  • Log in using Access Tokens: Full
  • SOAP Web Services: Full
  • Deleted Records: Full
  • CRM Lists: View
  • Accounting Lists: View
  1. Navigate to Permissions > Lists and add the following permissions:
  • Accounts: Full
  • Contact Roles: Full
  • Contacts: Full
  • Currency: View
  • Customers: Full
  • Documents and Files: Full
  • Financial History: View
  • Items: Full
  • Locations: View
  • Notes Tab: Full
  • Record Custom Field: Full
  • Subsidiaries: View
  • Tax Items: Full
  1. Navigate to Permissions > Transactions and add the following permissions:
  • Calculate Time: View
  • Credit Memo: View
  • Customer Payment: Full
  • Deposit: View
  • Find Transaction: Full
  • Invoice: Full
  • Timer: View
  1. Click Save.

Step 3. Add Token Management Permissions

  1. Go to Lists > Employees > Employees.
  2. Click Edit next to the name of the employee you want to assign the token-based authentication role.
  3. Click the Access tab.
  4. In the Role field, select the token-based authentication role for this employee.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Save.

Step 4. Create an Integration Record

  1. Go to Setup > Integration > Integration Management > Manage Integrations > New.
  2. Enter a Name for your application.
  3. (Optional) Enter a Description.
  4. The application State is Enabled by default.
  5. Enter a Note.
  6. On the Authentication tab, select the Token-based Authentication option.
  7. Click Save.
  8. On the confirmation page, get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values. You need these for Step 7.

Step 5. Create Access Tokens

  1. Search for page: tokens and click New Access Token.
  2. Select the application and role you created above and click Save.
  3. Get the Token IDand Token Secret values. You need these for Step 7.

Step 6. Get Account ID

  1. Go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences.
  2. Get the Account ID. You need this for Step 7.

Step 7. Connect NetSuite to your AR Automation Account

  1. Log in to AR Automation.
  2. Go to Account > Accounting.
  3. Click Connect to Netsuite.
  4. Enter the following information that you collected in the prior steps:
  • NetSuite Account ID
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Token ID
  • Token Secret
  1. (Optional) If your NetSuite Account Domain is not, enter your NetSuite Account Domain (e.g.,

  2. Click Connect.

Connecting NetSuite and BlueSnap

Follow the steps in this section to add payment processing to your NetSuite integration.


Make sure you've completed the following before proceeding.

Step 1: Install the BlueSnap bundle

  1. In your NetSuite account, go to Customization > Suitebundler > Search and Install Bundles.

  2. In the search bar, enter BlueSnap and click Search.

  3. Select the BlueSnap bundle with ID 353784 and click Install.

Step 2: Enter your AR Automation API Key in NetSuite

  1. In your NetSuite account, go to Setup > Company > Company Information.

  2. In the Armatic API Key field, enter your AR Automation API Key.

  3. Click Save.

Your NetSuite and BlueSnap accounts have been successfully connected and you can begin taking advantage of all the added features and functionality.

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