Connect with QuickBooks

Connect your AR Automation account using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Online

Connect your QuickBooks Online account to bring data from QuickBooks to AR Automation's robust invoicing platform and ensure it syncs automatically.



You might need to be a QuickBooks user with admin permissions to connect your QuickBooks Online account to AR Automation.

Connecting QuickBooks Online and AR Automation

  1. Log in to AR Automation
  2. Navigation to Account > Accounting
  3. Click Connect to QuickBooks

  1. On the pop-up screen, enter your QuickBooks Online credentials and select Sign In. You can also click Sign In with Google Account and log in using the email associated with your QuickBooks account.
  2. If your credentials have access to more than one QuickBooks Online company, select the company you want to connect.



If you are reconnecting your QuickBooks account, be sure to connect the same QuickBooks account that was connected previously, otherwise this may result in data collision.

  1. Complete the integration by selecting Confirm.

QuickBooks Desktop

Connect your QuickBooks Desktop account to bring data from QuickBooks Desktop to your AR Automation account.

Connecting QuickBooks Desktop and AR Automation

  1. Log in to AR Automation.
  2. Navigate to Account > Accounting.
  3. Click Connect to QuickBooks Desktop.

Next, follow the steps described in the pop-up window:

  1. If it is not already installed, install QuickBooks Web Connector on your QuickBooks Desktop Machine.
    QuickBooks Web Connector is a tool that Intuit provides allowing you to connect QuickBooks Desktop to third-party applications.
  2. Download the QuickBooks Configuration File and then open it via QuickBooks Web Connector. The link to download the configuration file is available in the connectivity pop-up window.



It is important to save the configuration file to the same machine on which QuickBooks Desktop is running. Be sure to open QuickBooks to the Company File you want to use.

  1. Once you have downloaded the QuickBooks Configuration File, open it.
    It opens in your web connector.

  2. Copy your unique Web Connector Password from the connectivity pop-up window and paste it into the web connector.

    The pop-up window automatically closes after the connection is established.

  3. To initiate synchronization: In the QuickBooks Desktop web connector, select the checkbox for AR Automation and then select Update Selected to run the sync.


Quickbooks Online

Can I connect multiple QuickBooks accounts to one AR Automation account?

You can only connect one QuickBooks account to AR Automation.

When does synchronization occur?

AR Automation automatically launches synchronization with your QuickBooks Online account every two hours. Additionally, you may initiate a sync at any time by clicking on the Sync Account button in your AR Automation account.

How long does it take to sync my AR Automation account?

The synchronization process may take up to a few hours, depending on how much data you have. The initial synchronization (upon Accounting System connection) may take longer than a regular sync, because the system is syncing all the data available in your systems. During a regular sync, we pull only data modified within the last two weeks.

Can I stop synchronization between QuickBooks and AR Automation?

There is no direct way of stopping synchronization between the two systems. To stop data synchronization, disconnect your QuickBooks account from your AR Automation account.

Does synchronization work both ways between AR Automation and QuickBooks?

Yes, synchronization between AR Automation and QuickBooks works both ways. Regardless of where the invoice has been created, it syncs to the other account.

You can select which objects to synchronize from your accounting system or which objects you want to push to the accounting system under Preferences > the Accounting tab.


  • Do not sync from Accounting System
  • Do not sync to Accounting System

Do all customers in QuickBooks Online sync with AR Automation?

You can decide whether you want to sync all customers or only active customers to your QuickBooks account by selecting the corresponding Customer Status under Preferences > the Accounting tab.

Why aren't the payments I record in AR Automation syncing to QuickBooks Online?

In order to sync payments recorded in AR Automation to your QuickBooks account, please make sure that you have a Payment Account selected under account settings. This is the QuickBooks Online payment account where payments processed through AR Automation will be deposited.

What can I do if my account does not synchronize?

If you see that some data in your AR Automation account is missing and you cannot sync any invoice or customer, it may be because your connection to QuickBooks has been deauthorized. Usually, the authentication failure occurs due to password or permission change. To fix this, please disconnect and reconnect your QuickBooks Online account.

To disconnect from QuickBooks Online:

  1. Navigate to Account > Accounting Settings
  2. Click the Disconnect button and confirm.

Note: Upon disconnecting your QuickBooks Online account, data in AR Automation will not be removed. However, it is important to reconnect the same QuickBooks account that was connected before.

QuickBooks Desktop

When does synchronization occur?

Synchronization occurs whenever you initiate it. Whenever you want to synchronize your account, launch the synchronization through the web connector.

Can I close QuickBooks during the synchronization process?

During synchronization, your QuickBooks account and web connector have to be up and running until synchronization is complete. If you want to run the synchronization without having to keep QuickBooks Desktop running, you need to specify the QuickBooks Company File location under account settings.

Where can I check the Company File location?

  1. In QuickBooks, open your company file.
  2. Press .
  3. Copy the file path from QuickBooks > File Information > Location.

The synchronization got stuck. What can I do?

Synchronization time with QuickBooks Desktop is a bit longer than with the online accounting systems. The delay may take place if you have a lot of data to import/export. The Application Progress bar at the bottom of your web connector window usually progresses quickly until it reaches 67% percent and then it tends to slow down. This is a normal behavior so there's no need to abort the synchronization and restart.

The synchronization was aborted. What can I do?

If the synchronization was aborted with an error message you don't understand, get in touch with our Support Team at [email protected]. Include a screenshot of the error message itself as well as the log file. Find the log file by clicking View Log on your web connector app.

How can I migrate to another Accounting System?

Upon migration from one Accounting System to another, your AR Automation account needs to be prepared in order to avoid data collision. There are several options available for the migration procedure, and we recommend working with our internal team to determine the best route. Get in touch with our Support Team at [email protected] if you want to proceed with the migration.