ToDo Tasks Errors

ToDo Tasks

Email Account is missing This error means there is no email account connected to your AR Automation account on the Communication Settings page found under Account. To fix the error, please connect the email account and retry failed To-Do tasks by clicking on the Retry button.
"To" can't be blank This error means there is no email for the recipient specified. Note that the recipient's email is taken from the Default Billing Contact. If your AR Automation account is connected to an accounting system, update the contact's email in your accounting system directly. If you are using AR Automation in standalone mode, update the email on the contact setting page.
Unauthorized Request. Check your Exchange connectionThis error means we are getting authorization rejections from the Exchange email account connected. This typically happens when the credentials for the connected email account are changed. To fix the issue, re-connect the email account by navigating to Account> Communication Settings and retry failed communication tasks.
"Request URI must have schema. Possibly add 'http://' to the request URI?" -Usually, this error message indicates there is an issue with the connected Exchange account.

The following are the most common issues:

Please check with your IT department whether the Autodiscover service is enabled on your Exchange account. Find the documentation for enabling auto-discovery on Exchange here.
Our public IP addresses are not whitelisted in your Exchange account. For your reference, here is the list of the new public IP addresses that your IT team may need to whitelist in the Exchange admin center:
Please check with your IT department whether EWS is enabled for your Exchange account. The EWS Authentication setting on Exchange ensures that the connectivity can be processed via API (direct connectivity), so it is mandatory to make sure it is enabled.
Additionally, you can test connectivity of your Office 365/Exchange Server service account in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool. If there is an issue with your account, the connectivity tool can tell you the root cause.
Address is invalidThis error message is possible for physical letter communication tasks. It may occur because the country for the Default Shipping Contact is specified in the incorrect format. The third-party service that we use for sending letters requires the country in the address field to be specified in Country Code format. Please edit the contact's address in the accounting system to have the country value specified in Country Code format to fix the error. If you use AR Automation in standalone mode, update the shopper's address on the contact settings page.