Exporting Payments to your ERP/Accounting System

Learn how to export payments processed in BlueSnap to your ERP/Accounting System.

If you are using the BlueSnap solution for handling payment processing, integrating with BlueSnap’s AR Automation system can help you automate the payments reconciliation process. By using AR Automation as an intermediary between BlueSnap and your ERP/Accounting system you can streamline the process of recording payments in the accounting system by automatically updating invoices and customers' balances.

Supported Accounting Systems

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Xero
  • Sage Intacct
  • NetSuite


If you need an AR Automation account, go to the AR site to sign up.
If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap site to get started.

Supported Features

3-D Secure
Auth/Capture and Separate Auth and Capture
Built-in Fraud Prevention and Risk Management
Level 2/3 Data
Multiple Currencies
Partner Sandbox Testing
Payment Methods: ACH/ECP, SEPA, Credit/Debit Cards
Payment Optimization
Vaulted Shoppers

Supported Currencies

We recommend configuring your account to accept only BlueSnap Supported Currencies.

Supported Countries

BlueSnap Supported Countries. If a shopper is located in one of these supported countries, they can purchase with the BlueSnap payment module.

How to Export Payments

Step 1: Create AR Automation account and connect it to BlueSnap

This guide walks you through how to connect your AR Automation account to BlueSnap's payment gateway technology.

Step 2: Connect your ERP/Accounting System to AR Automation

AR Automation can be used in conjunction with your accounting system to synchronize your customers, invoices and payments automatically every two hours (except QuickBooks Desktop, which requires manual launch of synchronization).

The following are guides for connecting your Accounting System to the AR Automation system:

Step 3: Selecting Payment Account for Reconciliation

Payments available in AR Automation are immediately synced with accounting/ERP systems, marking the invoice as paid or partially paid in your accounting system. To ensure your payments are synchronized to your accounting system, make sure to select the payment account where the payment should be deposited in your accounting/ERP system. For example, if your AR Automation account is connected to QuickBooks Online, the payments can be deposited to the Undeposited Funds account or you may select any payment account from the list we import from your accounting system.

Select the Payment Account:

  1. Click on your initials in the lower-left corner and navigate to Account > Accounting.
  2. In the Accounting System Integration, use the Payment Account dropdown list to select the payment account to which you want to deposit funds.

Multi-Currency Payments

If you take payments in many currencies and want to deposit them to separate payment accounts in your accounting/ERP system, go to the payment page and pick the currency of the payments as well as the payment account to which they should be deposited.

Payment Account for QuickBooks Desktop

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, please note that your payments can only be deposited to the Invoice AR account. To push payments to your QuickBooks Desktop account, select the Use Invoice AR Account to record payments checkbox, shown below.

Step 4: Sync Payments with BlueSnap

To ensure that payments processed through BlueSnap are synced to AR Automation, you must enable the Sync Payments with BlueSnap setting in your AR account.

To enable this setting:

  1. Click on your initials in the lower-left corner and go to Settings > Preferences.
  2. On the Preferences page select Payments tab.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Sync Payments with BlueSnap.

When a payment is created in BlueSnap, it is imported and synced to AR Automation automatically using the supply invoice number from the merchant transaction ID. If there is a corresponding invoice number, it is applied to the correct invoice. If not, the payment syncs as an unapplied payment.

Please note that this syncing process relies on the invoice number from the merchant transaction ID. We automatically import payments for a specific invoice only if the invoice number is submitted on the merchant transaction ID field and we can match the invoice number with the invoice available in AR Automation.

Step 5: Enabling IPNs

Payment statuses are synced from BlueSnap to the AR Automation account via IPNs (also known as webhooks). We set up the server and URL on our end; all you need to do is configure the IPN settings in your BlueSnap account.



You can find your IPN URL in the AR Automation account.
Click your initials in the lower-left corner and go to Account > Payments.
The BlueSnap IPN URL section provides your unique IPN URL.

The next step is to enable IPN settings on your BlueSnap account. Find a step-by-step guide on enabling IPNs here.

You must enable the following IPNs on your BlueSnap account settings to ensure payments are imported:

  • Charge IPN
  • Charge Pending
  • Decline IPN
  • Auth Only
  • Decline
  • Refund

Best Practices & Tips

Submit Authorized ACH Payment

In your AR Automation account, there is a setting under Preferences > Payments called Submit Authorized ACH Payments to Accounting System.

By default, the AR Automation system can push ACH payments to your accounting system once payments are in a Succeeded or Authorized status.

  • If this setting is disabled, only fully processed ACH charges are submitted to the accounting system.
  • If this setting is enabled, the ACH payment is submitted to your accounting system as soon it is initiated AND in an Authorized status.

If the authorized ACH payment fails, we cannot update the payment status in the accounting system from Authorized to Failed, so your accounting system does not consider the payment failed. Unless you manually change the status of the payment or delete it, the failed ACH payment stays complete in the accounting system and the invoice is reflected as paid.

Importing Vaulted Shoppers to your Accounting System

Sync BlueSnap Shoppers as Customers

If you're processing payments for new shoppers in BlueSnap and want to import them as customers into your accounting system, you can use AR Automation.

Use the AR Automation setting Sync BlueSnap Shoppers as Customers. With this feature, customers in AR Automation are linked with shoppers in BlueSnap, allowing you to view the associated payment method. If a shopper is created in BlueSnap, but not linked with a customer in AR Automation, then a new customer is created automatically in AR Automation, as well as your accounting system. This happens behind the scenes using the account number or vaulted shopper ID from the merchant transaction ID you pass.

Sync Payment Methods from BlueSnap

If you want to update payment methods between BlueSnap and AR Automation you can enable setting Sync Payment Methods from BlueSnap. This feature offers the ability to sync payment methods from BlueSnap to AR Automation. If the customer is not already linked to a shopper payment method in BlueSnap, a new customer is not created. This syncing process also relies on the account number or vaulted shopper ID from the merchant transaction ID.

Both settings can be enabled by navigating to Preferences > Payments.



If you want to automatically update a shopper’s payment method in AR Automation when their card expires or changes, you can enable the Account Updater IPN in your BlueSnap account.