User Management

BlueSnap's flexible user management tools give you complete control of creating and managing your users' accounts. This process can be done manually in your Merchant Portal, or if you have a significant number of users to set up, we provide a set of User Management APIs to automate the process.

BlueSnap's user management features also include support for single sign-on (SSO). In particular, BlueSnap supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), enabling you to go through your preferred Identity Provider (IdP) to authenticate with BlueSnap and configure SSO. Refer to SSO with an IdP for details.

Managing users in your Merchant Portal.

BlueSnap enables you to create users in your BlueSnap account to grant them controlled access to your account and accompanying features. This process is completed within your Merchant Portal.

Before you begin

Work with your Implementation Specialist or contact Merchant Support to have this feature enabled.

Step 1: Create a user

  1. In the Merchant Portal, go to Settings > User Accounts.

  2. In the Users section, create a new user by entering the following details:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email - This is the user's email address to which the login instructions will be sent.
    • Username - Create a unique username to be used for logging in to the account. Special characters are not permitted.
  3. Click Submit.

Once a new user is created, an email is automatically sent to the address provided with login instructions and a system-generated password, which they can change after they log in for the first time.

By default, newly created users only have login permissions. You can customize the user's permissions in the next step.

Step 2: Modify a user's permissions

  1. In the Merchant Portal, make sure you're in Settings > User Accounts.

  2. In the Users section, click the icon in the Access column of the user.

  3. Modify the user permissions by selecting the Allow or Don't Allow option next to the permission.

  4. When you're done, click Submit.

User permissions

User permissionDescription
AdministratorAdministrators have full access to all the functions in the Portal without restrictions. This overrides all other permissions set below.
Account MaintenanceUsers can make changes in the Settings menu regarding contact information and email addresses.
RefundsUsers can access to processing customer refunds and handling disputes.

Note: If allowed, your user can cancel a subscription in conjunction with issuing a refund even if the "subscription" permission below is not allowed.
Order LocatorUsers can access the Order Locator form and its functionality, such as sending customer emails and invoices.
View Financial InformationUsers can access financial information throughout the Portal.

Note: This permission does not prevent your user from viewing the specifics of a particular transaction; for example, in the Order Locator (used for Sale Totals and Payment Reports).
Transfer To VendorUsers can execute transfers to other Vendor accounts. It should be used with caution as this is one way to remove funds from the account.
User MaintenanceUsers can create/modify/delete other user accounts and their permissions.

Important: This attribute enables your user with the ability to change their own permissions, so use this attribute with caution.
ReportsUsers can access to the Reporting section.
Product MaintenanceUsers can add/modify/delete products and contracts and all other components related to the sale of a product; for example, Order Emails, Volume Discounts, Coupons, and so on.
License ManagementUsers can maintain License Key lists.
Manual Order ApprovalUsers can approve orders that are pending approval either for Purchase Orders or due to possible fraud risks.
Affiliate ApprovalUsers can approve affiliates to sell this account's products.
Affiliate MaintenanceUsers can add/modify/delete Affiliate relationships and commissions.
Royalty MaintenanceUsers can add/modify/delete Royalty relationships and commissions.
Modify/Cancel SubscriptionsUsers can modify subscription contracts, pricing, next payment date, and cancel subscriptions.
Allow API CredentialsUsers can update the API Credentials.
Allow Virtual TerminalUsers can access the virtual terminal and create BuyNow pages, complete them for a shopper, or send them to a shopper to complete.
Allow Virtual Terminal SettingsUsers can access the Virtual Terminal Settings page and determine which fields will display in the Virtual Terminal.
Allow Page Design AccessUsers can modify the BuyNow page design by accessing Buynow Builder page under the Page Design menu.

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Accessing multiple BlueSnap accounts (SSO)

BlueSnap enables you to link your different BlueSnap accounts and conveniently access those accounts from one Merchant Portal, without you having to enter separate sets of credentials.

Step 1: Link your BlueSnap accounts

Work with your Implementation Specialist or contact Merchant Support to have your accounts linked.

Step 2: (Optional) Authorize controlled access between your BlueSnap accounts

You may wish to authorize and control access between your connected BlueSnap accounts for specific users. For example, assume you have two BlueSnap accounts, A and B. You can authorize a user of Account A to access Account B by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Account A and add a user. Optionally, modify the user's permissions to control their level of access in Account A.

  2. Log in to Account B and add a user. Make sure to enter the same email associated with the user you created in Account A, but make sure to enter a unique username. Optionally, modify the user's permissions to control their level of access in Account B.

Now when the user logs in to Account A, they can access Account B by following the steps in the next section.

Accessing linked accounts

Access a linked account by following these steps:

  1. In your BlueSnap account, go to Settings > Access Multiple Accounts.

  2. You'll encounter a list of all BlueSnap accounts for which you have login access. To access a specific account, click Log-in next to the account.

Now you have access to that account and all its accompanying features.

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