Setting Up Email Notifications

Learn how to set up email notifications for you and your shoppers

You can enable/disable email notifications for yourself and your shoppers by accessing the Email Settings option on the Merchant Portal.

From the Merchant Portal, simply click Settings > Email Settings to display this page:


Two categories display on this page:

  • Notification Emails: Lists email notifications that you (the merchant) can receive
  • Customer Emails: Lists email notifications that you can set for your shoppers to receive after performing certain transactions

Within this page, you can toggle the email settings on/off in the displayed categories, which allows you full control over the email notifications you and your shoppers will receive. For example, to ensure you receive an email notification every time your shopper makes a purchase, click the New sales button in the "Notification Emails" section.



  • All customer emails are off by default.
  • Settings that have been enabled show blue on the switch
  • To set the email address go to Settings > General Settings in the Merchant Portal.