Account Balance Report

Provides your current account balance (funds that have not been paid out yet) in each payout currency. Please note that your balance does not reflect deductions for any non-processing fees for services such as Account Updater or Fraud Prevention. Depending on your payout schedule, your balance(s) could be paid entirely in your next payout or spread across multiple payouts. Data is updated daily.



All reports show currency values in US format (i.e., 123,456.00) regardless of the currency being displayed.

Report Columns

Column NameDescription
Account BalanceTotal of Net Amount - Total of Paid by 3rd Party - Total of Payout Adjustment Amount.
Affiliates AmountApplies to Marketplaces/Affiliates. Funds scheduled to be paid to vendors/affiliates.
BlueSnap Reserve AmountFunds on hold by BlueSnap for Reserve.
Currency3-digit code of the currency charged to shopper.
Refund Reserve AmountFunds on hold by the merchant to account for refunds.
Region**Region where deposit is processed (**only available for merchants on regional payout).
Total of Commission AmountBlueSnap processing fees assessed on the gross amount.
Total of Gross AmountTotal value of completed sales.
Total of Net AmountTotal of Gross Amount - Total of Commission Amount - Affiliates Amount.
Total of Paid by 3rd PartyFunds scheduled to be paid directly to the merchant from a 3rd party (i.e. PayPal).
Total of Payout Adjustment AmountThe total value of any adjustments made to your future payouts.

Parameter Names

  • Region (only available for merchants on regional payout)