Apple Pay

Learn how to accept Apple Pay on your website or iOS app.

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Apple Pay is a simple, secure payment experience, allowing shoppers to purchase with many major credit cards (such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) linked to their supported Apple devices. The shopper authorizes the payment with a single touch.


Supported markets

Apple Pay in a Hosted Payment Page

Apple Pay in the BlueSnap API


  • Reduced checkout friction: There's no need for the shopper to manually enter their shipping, contact, or payment information.

  • Enhanced security: The shopper's sensitive card data is never shared.

  • Simple payment authorization: The shopper authorizes the payment with just their fingerprint.

Supported Markets

Supported merchant countries

Merchants domiciled in the following countries can accept Apple Pay.

Supported shopper countries and issuers

Shoppers whose issuing banks are located on this list can purchase with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay in a Hosted Payment Page

If you're using our Hosted Payment Page, Apple Pay on the web is available to you out-of-the-box and is enabled by default. Shoppers viewing your website in the Safari browser can purchase with Apple Pay.



Apple Pay is not supported when using an iframe.

Shopper device requirements

Purchasing on an iOS devicePurchasing on a Mac
Safari must be open on an Apple Pay-enabled iPhone.Safari must be open on a:

- MacBook Pro with Touch ID, or
- Mac model 2012 or later paired to a compatible iPhone/Apple Watch with Handoff.

The BuyNow page detects if the shopper meets the device and country requirements before displaying the Apple Pay button. If the requirements are met, the Apple Pay button is displayed.

Shopper Experience

Step 1: Shopper clicks the Apple Pay button on the checkout page

Step 2: Apple Pay payment sheet opens

The payment sheet opens on top of the checkout page. The shopper checks their billing, shipping, and contact information for accuracy (or they enter missing information if needed). They also select the card they wish to pay with.

Step 3: Shopper authorizes payment

The shopper authorizes the payment by placing their finger on the Touch ID of their iPhone or Mac. Alternatively, the shopper double-clicks the side button of their Apple Watch.


Step 4: Confirmation page is displayed

The checkout page updates to display a confirmation page.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Accepting donations?

If you're accepting donations, Apple requires that you register with Benevity before you can begin accepting Apple Pay.

Uploading icons to display on shopper's device (optional)

You have the option to upload icons that display on the shopper's device during payment authorization. Icons can improve the checkout experience by providing visual reassurance that the payment is going to the right place.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Merchant Portal, go to Integrations > Apple Pay.

  2. In the Hosted Checkout section, enter the URLs of two square PNG images: 120px and 180px.

  3. When you're done, click Submit.

Sandbox Testing

Getting started

Testing device(s)
Make sure you're testing on a compatible device.

Device region
To provision test cards on your device, you'll need to make sure that your device’s region is set to a country that supports Apple Pay. Currently, Apple supports testing in the countries listed here.



To test Amex cards for Apple Pay, your device region must be set to the United States.

iCloud account credentials
Contact Merchant Support to have Apple Pay testing enabled on your account. We provide you with credentials for an iCloud account that can be used for testing.

Test cards
The following cards may be used to test Apple Pay transactions.

Card TypeCard NumberExp. DateCVV Code

1 Device region must be set to the United States to test Amex.

Adding a test card to your Apple Pay wallet

  1. On your testing iOS device, open the Settings app and tap iCloud at the top. If you're signed in, tap Sign Out at the bottom.

  2. Log in using the iCloud credentials that you received from BlueSnap.

  3. Tap Back to go back to the first page of the Settings app.

  4. Tap Wallet & Apple Pay.

  5. Tap Add Credit or Debit Card. You'll be prompted to photograph your card. Tap Enter Card Details Manually.

  6. Enter one of the test cards listed above.

Apple Pay in the BlueSnap API

If you're using the BlueSnap API, Apple Pay is available to you to implement in your website or iOS app.

Apple Pay in your website

Integrate Apple Pay directly into the checkout on your website. Shoppers on the Safari browser can effortlessly purchase goods and services.

Apple Pay in your iOS app

Implement Apple Pay in your iOS app to let shoppers purchase physical items, such as groceries and clothing, or services, such as gym memberships and hotel reservations.

Learn how

To learn how to implement Apple Pay, check out the API guide for Apple Pay.