Hosted Checkout

The Hosted Checkout solution provides a simple and secure way to offer your global customers a seamless buying experience on any device, while using BlueSnap to host your product catalog & process transactions.

Don't need a product catalog?

Hosted Checkout is designed for merchants who want to manage their product catalog on BlueSnap. If you are managing your product catalog elsewhere and only need a payments solution, check out our Hosted Payment Page instead.

Hosted Checkout provides out-of-the-box support for e-commerce tools like coupons & subscriptions. You can define custom skins (templates) for different device types and easily brand your checkout pages with your logo and custom colors.

To get started, see Creating a Hosted Checkout page

Need more help choosing a solution? See Which BlueSnap solution do I need?


  • PCI level 1 compliant
  • Designed to increase conversions with built-in localization for language currency and local payment options
  • Product catalog management directly in BlueSnap
  • Out-of-the-box support for e-commerce tools like coupons and subscriptions
  • Flexibility to embed the checkout page directly on your site using an iframe
  • Optimizes for mobile devices by automatically detecting the shopper's device type and displaying the skin that is designed for the optimal checkout experience on that device

Hosted Checkout

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