Issuing a Refund

Learn how to issue a refund from a specific order

You can issue a refund right in the Merchant Portal or via BlueSnap's APIs.


Same-Day Refunds

For card and ACH transactions, if you issue a refund the same day as the initial transaction, the transaction is a void, rather than a refund.

Issuing a refund in the Merchant Portal

  1. In the Merchant Portal, go to Transactions > Issue Refund.

  2. Enter the Reference Number, then click Go. If you do not know the reference number, you can obtain it using the shopper's information. Refer to Finding an order.

  1. Set the refund amount.

    By default, the refund is set to the full amount of the original transaction; you can change the amount if you prefer to issue a partial refund. You can also issue multiple refunds to the same order, up to the maximum refund amount.

    Any taxes charged on the initial transaction are refunded based on the calculation from the original transaction and cannot be changed.

  2. (Optional) If you want to issue a refund on a subscription order, but you do NOT want to cancel the subscription, ensure that this checkbox is NOT selected:

  1. (Optional) Select a Refund Reason and enter a description of the reason.

  2. Verify that all the information is correct.
    Make sure the refund order is correct before clicking Process Refund.
    After you click this button, the action CANNOT be undone.

  3. Click Process Refund.
    After the process is complete, "Refund completed successfully" displays at the top of the page.

Issuing a refund via the BlueSnap APIs

If you are using either of BlueSnap's APIs, you can process a refund by sending a refund request for a specific transaction or order.

For complete details, refer to:

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Issuing a Refund

Learn how to issue a refund from a specific order

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