Redirect after a purchase

Define where the shopper should be directed once a purchase is complete

When a shopper completes a purchase, you may want to redirect that shopper to a specific URL, like the home page of your website, a product page from your site, or a different page that provides more information or offers to the shopper.

You can do this by configuring a setting called the Callback URL in your BlueSnap account. If you do not set up a Callback URL, the shopper will be redirected to the default BlueSnap sale confirmation page.

You can also customize the redirect page by adding URL parameters into the Callback URL. For example, if you would like to display the shopper’s name and email on the confirmation page, you can include the parameters for the shopper’s name and email in the Callback URL. These parameters will then be automatically populated with the actual values from BlueSnap. See Hosted Checkout - Callback URL Parameters.


  1. In the Merchant Portal, go to Checkout Page > Page Design in the left menu.

  2. Under the preview of your current applied skins, click Edit Settings.

  3. In the Callback URL field, enter the URL where you want to redirect the shopper, along with any parameters that you want to pass in the URL. For the full list of available parameters, see Hosted Checkout - Callback URL Parameters. Following is an example that shows the format of the Callback URL:!{}&name=!{shopper.firstName}

  4. From the Auto redirect menu, choose whether you want the shopper to be automatically sent to the CallBack URL when the purchase is complete. If not, the shopper will need to click Continue in order to be redirected.

  5. Click Save.


Optional: Send callback URL as a BuyNow parameter

If you would like to send a specific Callback URL for a certain checkout page, you can send it in the thankyou.backtosellerurl Hosted Checkout parameter. For more information, see Hosted Checkout Parameters.

Verifying Transactions

To ensure transitions are valid we recommend verifying hits to your callback URL.

There are two ways to verify a transaction:

  1. Use the Retrieve Order API request to confirm the transaction details are valid and the transaction was successful.
  2. Sign up to receive IPNs that will alert you of any event, including a charge, in real-time.